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... n the 15th of Aug I had full mouth extraction for immediate load implants. Went to well respected oral surgeon, and implants looked wonderful, but had excessive pain on right side, and swelling didnt go down like it did after only 4 days on left side. Also had bruised nerve which caused numbness in chin on right side. ... (6 replies)
... Novacaine shots can cause pain for awhile especially if they hit a nerve. All of this pain should diminish within a week however, so it is important to know when you had these done. Hope you feel better. ... (3 replies)
... sometimes nerve pathways can become so inflamed due to chronic and long term pain they have to be "numbed" so they can relax and heal. Sometimes a series of injections can help. ... (15 replies)

... After this visit I developed constant pain that would wake me up every 2 hours. The pain would go from my left temple all the way down to the bottom of my jaw. ... (5 replies)
Pain after filling
Dec 23, 2004
... one deep cavity and one that wasn't so deep. The smaller one is fine today, not bothering me at all, but the bigger one is paining me and has been ever since the novacaine wore off. I could hardly sleep last night, even though ibuprofen helped some. ... (2 replies)
... I really dont want to have this done because I remember a year ago I didnt get much novacaine and it hurt pretty bad. I might have to be put under which is nerve wrecking. ... (8 replies)
... Hello! A friend of mine recently had several teeth fillings and had novacaine injections. She has had severe pain in one side of her nostril. A raw burning and has been like that for over a week now. ... (2 replies)
... slight pain normal after being ok? ... (0 replies)
... and 20 teeth filled. Both were pretty decayed, close to the nerve according to the dentist. ... (1 replies)
... she said she did not see the nerve and that is a really good sign of dodging a root canal. Don't get me wrong id rather have the rootcanal done and not worry about tooth pain ever again. ... (12 replies)
... I was supposed to have another crown done on the other side. Anyway, the dentist shot me back up and worked on the temporary crown. I usually have to get extra novacaine because I can usually feel it with a normal dose. ... (21 replies)
Root Canal?
Apr 3, 2008
... I'm sorry to hear that your both having pain after the root canal. I was wondering how your need for a root canal was diagnosed and what symptoms you had. ... (3 replies)
... them, but the peice was bit high so I kept biting on it even though I chewed on the other side. A day or two later, he filed down the temp, but in the meantime, after the temp was put in, I became numb in the left front of my chin for maybe an inch to the left along with the teeth behind it and my lip. ... (6 replies)
... I had an initial visit at a pain clinic yesterday for chronic post op pain in my neck. While i was there the pain doctor noticed the drooping immediately and started questioning me about it. ... (3 replies)
... were throbbing in pain. I went in yesterday to find out the nerve in that tooth died, so I had to have a start in root canal therapy yesterday. As soon as the novacaine wore off I was in tears, bawling and rolling on the floor because it hurt so bad. ... (2 replies)
... What made my teeth pain go away? ... (28 replies)
... and could still feel the pain of the drill despite being frozen. My whole cheek and parts of my mouth was numb. After I had the filling done I went for a cleaning and the gums on the same side had full sensation. ... (0 replies)
... is most recent root canal under the bridge is giving me problems. When I had the anesthetic injections, one of them sent me to the moon. She suspects she hit a nerve bundle. ... (3 replies)
Gum flap surgery
Oct 20, 2008
... Although I had this done many years ago although its not the most pleasant procedure it wasn't horrendous either. I think the most painful part of it for me was all the needles used to numb the area - I tend to require quite a bit of novacaine and had issues with not being numb enough - and they tried various novacaine - even the "nerve blockers" that numbed my whole face and... (18 replies)
... I really don't see what the problem is. I know that you have discomfort... it doesn't "feel right" in your mouth. But if there's no infection, there is no decay or effect on the nerve, no pain, and no major problems, why does it feel so uncomfortable for you? I had a large filling as well (recently), like almost half of the tooth is filled. Though it doesn't look 100% natural... (4 replies)

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