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... mid 80's, I had a receding gum area in my front bottom tooth. I was told I need a gum graft and that my tooth was already so loose, it could fall out at any time. That's how bad it was. But I couldn't afford to have it done. ... (50 replies)
... I also have slight gum recession in two of the molars/wisdom teeth. It was suggested that it might be due to grinding my teeth (also have TMJ), and the dentist has offered to make me a night guard. Of course, I also had gingivitis, so this may not be the whole story. I just thought that I would share this with those who are also grinders ;). ~Colleen (50 replies)
... (50 replies)

... (50 replies)
... Hello all, I made a post the other day on here and only got one response. I think I have now found out whats wrong with my teeth. They have been really senstive the past couple of weeks and I could'nt figure out why. My teeth have never bothered me. I had some molds made of my teeth 2-3 years ago for teeth whitening. Today I got them out and noticed how small my teeth were...... (50 replies)
... nce to be able to go to the dentist. Or use fluoride rinse and maybe get an electric toothbrush. I'm wondering if electric toothbrushes are soft enough to use on receding gums. I just went to the dentist who said my gums are receding and that in my lifetime I'll need gum grafts. ... (50 replies)
... i have noticed that alot of my bottom teeth are receding, there isnt a great deal of gum gone yet but i dont wna have to take that chance, thing is.. ... (50 replies)
... r ever go to the dentist, however I did go today thinking "hmmm, he will have to pull a couple of teeth, probably have a load of cavities, and I know that I have gum disease and receeding gums because every woman in my family has dealt with it and they all have dentures now". ... (50 replies)
... My gum recession is due to braces. I just had graphs on 12 of my teeth and 2 frenulectomys. I had it all done at the same time as well as three fillings. ... (50 replies)
... Have you been to a periodontist about your gums? Maybe you have been brushing too hard like I was. My dentist said that I had some of the cleanest teeth he has ever seen, which I was proud of until I realised that in the long run I could lose my teeth - I'd never heard before that it was possible to brush your gums away. I go to a gum specialist now & she has showed me... (50 replies)
... Almost all of the gum on the bottom of my mouth is receding. I'm only 23 years old and have good oral hygiene! The bottom right side is the worst. ... (50 replies)
... anyone had gum grafts done recently? ... (50 replies)
... Anyone else have any updates on how you are getting on post gum grafting? ... (50 replies)
... think my biggest problem with it is not being able to eat what i want in big bites. Any way. they said i had no choice but i had talked to some friends that had gum recesion, they didnt do anything about it except eat healthy, exercise and good cleaning habits, and no smoking. i had perfect teeth before my lip ring... ... (50 replies)
... I had the gum graft on my lower front teeth on January 30. He took a graft from the roof of my mouth. Today is March 9th. ... (50 replies)
... I don't like the way it looks and I've heard that most gum grafts are carried out for cosmetic reasons. ... (50 replies)
... I don't need gum surgery for perio but am interested in hearing about your gum graft. How much of the root of your tooth was showing in order for them to recommend a graft. Was it just on 1 tooth? ... (50 replies)
... I've just finished having alot of gum surgery, due to pockets, gum recession and bone loss. I had one gum graft done. My perio explained to me that surgery is the last thing they want to do, but in my case, it was too far gone to be treated without surgery. ... (50 replies)
... gotten bad for no reason I can see...I have root exposure on one molar, that causes alot of sensitivity....The dentist said she thought it was too far up on the gum to paint, etc., that it wouldnt help or it would come off...So for now I am leaving it alone...I will prob end up having it pulled.... ... (50 replies)
... the more gum you lose, the more sensitive, loose and cavity prone they will be, and it does progress, but it takes time.. ... (50 replies)

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