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... everyone at work who i showed, asking opinions, said, it really looks like my tooth is falling apart. my boyfriend said no, it's tartar that is breaking off. ... (5 replies)
... hmmm yeah seems more like plaque to me, wouldn't there actually be pain if it were your tooth? Well I guess not unless it was close enough to the nerve line.... the tooth I am currently worried about in one of my threads I had described has some red around the gum, and a large ragged black hole...but there is some pain w/ eating and chewing, not like a tooth ache but that... (5 replies)
... i did call my dentist, but the 14th was the earliest. i'm not in pain, i can eat normal, talk normal, and my tooth isn't loose. it's just odd having a hole back there. all my bottom front teeth are full of tartar, but not the rest of my mouth? (5 replies)

... It may just be tarter. When you look inside your mouth do you see build up around the other teeth? Do you still have the piece that broke off? Try taking something and (Like the back of a spoon) and pressing down on it. If it breaks apart easily it is probably just tarter. Maybe you should go for your cleaning earlier than the 14th, just in case. (5 replies)
... ray would show if your teeth were breaking off. So if you are feeling paranoid about loosing parts of your teeth, make an appt. ... (2 replies)
... yellow, other side is completely brown. she said, that's tartar breaking off. ... (2 replies)
... tartar buildup on my 2 bottom front teeth for a long time. I never really realized it was tartar until recently. TBH it's never bothered me and I kinda just let it sit there... ... (4 replies)
... Hey I read all your posts!! Actually I am in the same dilema as u were in a yr ago. My bottom 4 teeth are breaking off from the back... ... (2 replies)
... If there's a hole and the gum is kinda red, then it's probably just plaque. The best way to tell is to scrape the tooth with something sharp. If it's plaque then more chunks will fall out. There are special plaque picking tools you can buy in any drugstore -- I use one called Oropik. The bottom teeth is the worst for me too, but I always thought it was because I have a... (5 replies)
... i'd love any ideas, advice, anything. (5 replies)
... of my bottom front teeth are all breaking off at the gum line from the back. ... (2 replies)
... If it were an actual part of your tooth breaking off there would be a hole exposing the dentin - if you stuck something like a toothpicl into that hole it would be somewhat softer than your tooth surface and would likely hurt A LOT!!!! When the dentist did your exam and poked that spot did you feel any pain? is that spot more sensitive to hot and cold than the rest of your... (2 replies)
... and everyone who knows that i was worried about 2 holes in the bottom of my bottom front was just tartar. so all my worrying about my teeth breaking off and falling out, was for nothing. ... (1 replies)
... mple routine without getting all paranoid. my best friend swears i'm a hypocondriac, who know, those who believe they are always sick....maybe i am...but that's off topic.... ... (0 replies)
... I'm going to my dentist on wednesday afternoon. Someone suggested the things coming off the back of my teeth could be tartar, which, what is that? ... (0 replies)
... Dear Wideawake, I have read several of your posts and think that what may be breaking off the back of your teeth isn't tooth structure, but a thick layer of calculus (also known as tartar). You admit that your hygiene has been poor your whole life. If you've never had your teeth cleaned, this calculus builds up little by little until you literally have the backs of your... (3 replies)
... so breaking your sugar habit is important. ... (8 replies)

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