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... Ask your doctor to send you for a head scan to see if you have nearalgia tn1 or 2 type, as I had wisdom tooth out and after had pain and then was diagnosed with nearalgia. After having the wisdom out under sedation at hospital my dentist discovered I could have nearalgia and had a scan. It hits the nerves and causes pressure and pain in the face and gums, look it up on... (1 replies)
... Hi there. I'm a 23 year old female and it August of 2015 I had my wisdom teeth removed and ever since I have had excruciating pain in the right anterior 2/3rd of my tongue. It feels as though the anesthesia has not worn off and it is has really affected my overall quality of life. The doctor who did the surgery refused to admit that anything went wrong and has not offered any... (1 replies)
... I just want to say thank you to this forum for the info I just found on this board. I have been to 3 dentists, my GP and the ER recently because of all the symptoms I've been having. I've been so frightened that I've written out an emergency medical sheet that I keep in my back pocket (allergies, current medications, symptoms, possible causes, emergency contact info). I'm a... (1 replies)

... My girlfriend got her wisdom teeth removed this morning at 9am and she was sedated with an IV as well as frozen in the mouth with a needle. ... (1 replies)
... ront teeth. I say this because it has a tendency to collect there the most and come off in sheets making the tooth feel like it split down the back in two. The tingling sensation is your warning that they need to be addressed professionally to get rid of the plaque and calculus that might remain. ... (5 replies)
... The tense jaw, causes a sensation of pressure , it feels like the pressure will break my jaw. ... (2 replies)
... capped six months back as they were damaged due to cavity. Earlier they were fine but from last 20 days i am feeling tingling sensation in these particular four teeth. I got it checked with my dentist and he said that i have swelling in my gums and nothing is to worry about. ... (1 replies)
... I had my wisdom teeth on left side of my mouth extracted almost 6 months ago.Gradually recovered from complete numbness to partial numbess with tingling sensation and could sense pin pricks.sometimes, have exagerated hotness on my leftside when i have normal hot drink compared to right side. same with spicyand hot food. ... (1 replies)
... It depends - it could be they are still adjusting and recovering from the trauma or incident. Its unusual though for several teeth to react from such an event - usually one takes the brunt of the hit and that is the one that will need treatment. Keep an eye on them until your appt but don't play with them or check to see if they move or wiggle - this will just aggravate them.... (1 replies)
... eat it is as if my head pressure increases and my ears start to ache and yearn to pop. I have researched everything as you mentioned. I get an unusual freezing tingling sensation up the side of my face when ever something excites me, food, freaks me out. ... (7 replies)
Wisdom Teeth
Feb 5, 2005
... It sounds like you have some nerve damage. I wouldn't consider this normal. You should be feeling some tingling sensation to some degree if the nerve is not totally damage. The tingling sensation is the nerve trying to come back to life. ... (4 replies)
... My teeth are tingly. They have been like this for about one month now. ... (0 replies)
... but I had mainly severe pain across my teeth rather then the tingling sensation that you are experiencing. My doctor told me that it is usually temporary and gave me medication which eased the pain a lot. ... (6 replies)
... D teeth are tingling. it feels like inside of my teeth are tinkled, but in a bad irritating way. ... (1 replies)
... It started a few days ago pain in my upper right teeth canine,incisor and i believe a molar. The canine i've had a minor chip in for almost a decade now. ... (0 replies)
... or tingling usually means that it will go away but it might take time. ... (3 replies)
... he surgery and after doing touch tests with a toothpick, he believes the feeling will come back, but he does not know when. Initially, I experienced considerable tingling but now that is mostly gone. Is my oral surgeon doing the right things and is there anything else I can do? ... (3 replies)
... aw i really feel for you and sarah,i know its hard ive been fighting for years with dentists ive been to so many now ,and specialists and no one seems to want to help me either they cant see anything so they dont want to know . but u dont imagine pain and their got to be some logical reason for it !! if youve tried changing toothpaste to another brand or a sensative one... (33 replies)
... I have both my upper wisdom teeth removed 10 days ago. One was easy but the left one was big and roots were attached to the bone. ... (2 replies)
Tingling teeth
Mar 16, 2010
... well i would gargle in warm salt water use cordysil mouth wash to start just for a week also use a sensitive toothpaste if after 2 weeks your still finding tingling in your teeth ,i would go back to dentist could be possibly a reaction to having root canal done and the tooth isnt settled but if after 2 weeks it still same it is possible while doing the root canal dentist... (2 replies)

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