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... I think it is pretty rare to have dental tori removed. ... (2 replies)
Gums help.
Nov 17, 2012
... I must mention the bony growth is not under the gum line but on the gum line it self, i make sure to brush my teeth twice a day and use mouth wash. i do not floss as often as i should could it still be tori? Like i said no pain at all. just annoying I have done some research and heard that local stress is a factor and i have been stressed over another problem i have been... (5 replies)
... As openarmz5 said it could also be a tori which is a bony growth that many people have. ... (3 replies)

... What kind of lump? If it is like a bony growth it could be a tori. (3 replies)
... It really does sound like tori (if it's on the tongue side of your gums). I'm more worried about the breaking tooth and no cleaning/check up. Get to the dentist and get it all checked out, but by the sounds of it, I wouldn't be too worried about the bumps. Becky (3 replies)
... Are the bumps on the inside of your lower jaw? If so it could be Tori, which is a Boney Enlargement, it's no problem. If not, do any of your teeth hurt? Call the Oral Surgeon and tell them you just saw the Dentist and got a Pan. and you are having a problem and they should be able to get you right in. (1 replies)
... have recently has some other issues and am still waiting on tests for those so he and I agreed to wait for another week or two. Also, it won't hurt to allow my gums to grow more and allow the bottom of my tongue to fully heal. It is still slightly sore due to the skin being stretched back over the entire bottom of my mouth. ... (9 replies)
... Has anyone out there had a boney tori removed from their outer jaw? ... (0 replies)
Is this Tori?
Sep 12, 2005
... Well, I've heard there is another type of tori that can occur on your outer jawline, and that is what it appears to be, though it doesn't seem as obvious as the bumps near my tongue. ... (7 replies)
Is this Tori?
Sep 12, 2005
... the bottom, i can probably say are mandibular tori. no big deal, lots of people have them, they are perfectly normal. unless you need to get dentures one day, in which case they have to be removed. the ridge on the upper is a little bit more intriguing, as i can't ever say i've heard of that. if you are noticing a difference in the coloration of your gums, that is one... (7 replies)
... I have them on the lower outside. Never a problem but recently when i found i had bone loss in my jaw under the gums, my dentist was able to harvest this extra bone so she could implant my own bone rather than synthetic or cadaver bone. She said it gave me an extra edge as your own bone has much better chance of rejenerating new bone. so call it a blessing and keep that... (3 replies)
... but it could be your bone. If it's along your gum and it's very hard and just very tiny bump, raised then it could be your bone. You know some ppl have torus or tori on the roof of their mouth or on the lower teeth? ... (7 replies)
Mandibular Tori
May 18, 2001
... My dentist has told me that I have mandibular tori. I know I'll have to have surgery soon, since the bones on either side of my tongue coming from my gums are very large. I'm very afraid of the surgery. Has anyone had this done? ... (2 replies)
Aug 11, 2010
... on the outside portion of my upper and lower jaws due to some severe bruxism. I kept getting food caught between it and my gums and getting sores. I went to an exodontist to have them removed. ... (1 replies)
... i have the same problem. im not sure if its tori since tori is on the tongue side of the jaw. mine is on the cheek side! is that still considered tori? ... (9 replies)
Lump on gum
Jan 10, 2007
... They are benign and not harmful and are typically not "treated" unless they cause any problems or you need dentures. I had tori grow on the left side of my jaw on both the upper and lower portions. ... (1 replies)
... h, suction will be more difficult. Most of all, just keep going back until they feel right. When I went in to dentist after one week of needing adjustments, my gums were so hacked up on the bottom, and I never had so much as a sore spot before that. But it was amazing how quickly he took care of the adjustments. ... (5 replies)
... he only way I can get it off is holding very warm salt water in my mouth then using a paper towel to wipe it out! YUCK! not a good feeling for sure...since the gums are still a bit tender especially in the area where the most cutting was done around the tori bone growth. ... (28 replies)
... immed dentures after removing 5 upper teeth,when i woke up the dentures immediately fell out, after repeated visits to fix them,the denturists told me I have a tori on the roof of my mouth, my dentures are out of my mouth more than they are in, after having the final liner put in i still have to have the cosoft liner too. ... (0 replies)
... What seems to have an effect on it as far as setting the pain off is that when I eat something and if something I'm eating touches that area of my gums and tori, it seems to trigger the pain. Drinking coffee that's too hot will set it off but not always. ... (2 replies)

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