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OK, this may not even be seen seeing how I am new to this board and just now saw this, but I have been fasting and reactive hypoglycemic for years. I think the biggest mis-communication issue between all is the difference between simple carbs and "complex" carbs. I am not a nutritionist, doctor, or anything else medicaly related but I have had an extremely hard time regulating my blood sugar levels.

Willap, the best thing for hypoglycemia is to keep your blood sugars stable, in order not to "wear" out your insulin production. Everybody is different in regards to how to do that, and there is a BIG difference between a diabetic and non-diabetic person as far as how our bodies are handling and digesting foods. The most commom philosophy with hypoglycemia is keep your blood sugar stable, you want to avoid the peaks and dips, highs and lows. The best way to do this is (and sorry to disagree here) not to eat a high fat diet, but a very balanced diet of fats, complex carbs (research the difference between complex and simple carbs and this will make a TON more sense) and especially most important for a hypoglycemic is protein.

Using myself as a personal example, if I were to eat a cereal bar for breakfast, my blood sugar would shoot up into prolly the 200-250 range immediatly upon eating it (now I have glucose intolerance, I am well on my way to diabetes so this next part may not happen to you) and then because my body is basically not recognizing how high my sugar is I get a delayed reaction, a "pause" in insulin levels, but because I am not diabetic yet, I will all of the sudden have a higher production of insulin then causing my blood sugar to rapidly drop, usually in the 50's if not lower, and this, for me, usually happens one-one and a half hours after eating a simple carb.

To avoid this, I eat a breakfast of 2 eggs (protein), 2 pieces of turkey bacon (protein w/ out high fat content, we still have to take care of our heart and arteries :), one piece of whole grain toast w/ one pat butter (complex carb, plus the small amount of added fat will also take longer for my body to digest), one piece of fruit (again, complex carb) and water. For me, personally, even that small amount of carbs will cause an increase of blood sugar (usually 170-200) but the protein and complex carbs give my body enough of what it needs to not cause a massive drop an hour later.

You need to eat about 3 medium-sized meals, plus snacks in between a day to maintain even blood sugars. I eat about every 2 hours, my meals are medium-to-small, and then I have a small snack 2 hours after eating. Search reactive hypoglycemia there are some great sites that I so wish I could tell ya about ;), but if you google and look for reactive hypoglycemia and make sure it is NOT a diabetic information web site, like I said there is a HUGE difference between how we have to handle food consumption and how a diabetic would. Most of these sites are geared to hypoglycemia in a diabetic setting. Avoid these sites, find ones geared directly to reactive hypoglycemia. Hope this helps, and feel free to ask any questions on here about any of this, like I have said I have been dealing with reactive hypoglycemia for a LONG time and I'm only 26 ;). Good luck to ya! I really wish health boards had a non-diabetic hypoglycemia forum, this problem is not as unusual as it seems!

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