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Hi Barb,
Thanks for your in depth run down on the fruit....thing is, I basically, do not feel any great compulsion to eat sweet things in general, so I could live without it.
What really alarms me is that the only noticable symptoms of diabetes that I have are occasional blurred vision, as discussed in another topic before, and much more worrying: fairly severe neuropathy in both legs. In spite of obtaining much better sugar control it just keeps getting worse...loss of feeling, discoloration of the skin and intense burning and itching.
My sickening fear is that one day I will end up with my legs amputated.
This is going off topic now but it was prompted by your comments re your day to day work. Is there anything I can do to help this?
My doctor decided that because my long term sugar count was not so desperate last time (5.9) that the problem was maybe not diabetes but inneficiant valve function in my venal system. Last week she sent me for an ultra sonic scan...result: no sign of "leakage"
Anyway every way you look there is always some poor soul much worse off!
Bless you and thanks to all who answered this question about the fruit.

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Hi Mike:

I read that some Type II's are diagnosed with complications such as neuropathy very soon after diagnosis of diabetes, others it takes years. In some cases, its the complication that leads to the diagnosis of diabetes. Your description interested me because in Dec 99 I started having the burning, itching sensations on my lower legs, felt like "rug burn". Then I started with pain and strange, intermittent tingling. I have no numbness or loss of feeling though. It hasn't changed in over a year, I guess sometimes it gets a little better and then back again. I also have a disc problem and plan to nail my doctor down on this when I see him in a few weeks. I have been told this can cause leg pain etc other than the type of pain typical of sciatica. So maybe your leg discomfort could be caused by something else. I doubt mine is caused by diabetes because I haven't been diagnosed with it and at this point it doesn't look like I have a definite case.

I also have another possible neuropathy in my abdomen-actually had 2 surgeries plus a CT Scan and nothing explained it. It finally went away when I took tricyclic antidepressants for several months (they aren't supposed to "cure" neuropathy but treat it) Several specialists told me it was the disc disease referring pain to the lower abdomen. I have read that diabetes can cause a mononeuropathy any where in the body and it often resolves itself, often after a long period. Again, I doubt it would be diabetes in my case since I have not had extended high sugars, at least I don't think so.

I think your doctor is probably wise to look for other causes. Some people complain because their doctor blames everything on their diabetes without trying to find another possible cause (and possibly curing it)

I have read that the blurry vision isn't as ominous as it sounds. It does not necessarily mean diabetic complications such as retinopathy. Something about the increased glucose doing something to the lens, resulting in blurred vision. I read that this can be on and off according to the level of the blood glucose. I find this interesting because in 1997 I started having blurred vision, however at the time I had just started on beta blockers. Its either gone now, or I have gotten used to it because I don't notice it. But now I am wondering if during that period I might have had elevated sugars, since it was at that time I was diagnosed with the possible mononeuropathy and also hypertension. The blurry vision really scared me and I had my eyes checked immediately. He did not ask me any questions about possible diabetes!


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