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Thank you so much for this info. What kind of indicator do you have?? I bought one with a disc, but I have done the test 3 times in a row and they can be a difference of 20
in the reading?

During the day when I eat, my numbers are around 156 after 2 hours of eating a meal. Lower after eating a small snack.

How do I get a HbA1c test done??
My meter is a "OneTouch Ultra 2" - it is a free upgrade because my "OneTouch Ultra" was getting into the 5 year-old area and I started having trouble with my readings. It would no longer calibrate correctly with
test fluid. The company sent me a whole new meter.

Mine doesn't have a disk, just an internal battery memory. If the battery goes dead, I lose all the info. But my first battery lasted about 4 years. I have had this new meter about 2 years and it still has the original battery.

The accuracy of my meter and measurement is about plus or minus 10 percent or so. So, in your readings of 115 average, I could expect to see just about what you have expressed, a spread of 22 points.

Make sure that you wash your hands with some hand soap and dry them completely before you "stick" - contaminants on your finger can REALLY WRECK your readings - big-time.... the drop of blood is so small that it just doesn't take much residue on your finger to make the sample adulterated.

This is another reason to use the long-term average. Because this also averages out the meter inaccuracy....some readings are higher than actual, some lower than, in an average of a lot of readings, the accuracy is much better than for individual readings.

The easiest way I know of to get HbA1c test is Wal-Mart. They sell one for 9 bucks. You do a finger stick and deposit it on their card and mail it in. I have never used this because my insurance pays for it with a regular blood draw every 3 months if ordered by my doctor. So I just take that one.

There are also some internet sources for HbA1c tests....but I have never tried them, either.

My local independent testing lab won't do HbA1c unless ordered by a doctor. I personally think this is stupid because they do offer a "health screen" with a conventional draw for 40 bucks with no script. But it doesn't include HbA1c.

Your postprandial reading of 156 tells me your diabetes is yet mild. Mine can be 250-300 two hours after a meal. 156 might be 2 hours after an apple for me.

You said that you are uncomfotable taking drugs. I have been on metformin for 10 years. I have yet to have any side effect from it, and it is QUITE GOOD for my sugars. I know this because over the past couple years, I have had to discontinue it because of surgical proceedures and tests and my sugars get harder to control and I need bigger coverage shots.

Having said that, because I think there's no good reason for you to fear metformin..... I think you could successfully manage your diabetes with diet and exercise the level of progression your numbers indicate.

If you want to try this, reduce carbohydrates in your diet. And when you eat carbs, eat some of the ones which output sugar more slowly like whole-grain breads. I also find that fruit does not raise my sugar levels like refined sugar or bread does. And pasta, for me, is absolute poison.

A good 40-minute exercise like a walk every day will take 10 points off my sugar average.

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