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Advice needed..
Jun 30, 2012
Hello everybody,
I was just wondering if any of you can give me abit of advice on diabetes, please do feel free to tell me to bog off and leave you all alone if anyone thinks am being goes
Everyday i feel so tired, exhausted i have a full nights sleep and i find myself starting to get very tired in the afternoon when am at home i end up going back up to bed i feel so drained everyday i don't get any aches or pains its just extreme exhaustion and am always so thristy and i never feel like my thrist has been satisfied if you get me? and its always has to be a sugary drink i need..I've also been getting cuts on my back,chest that won't heal so far i've got 2 cuts on my back and 1 on my chest which all have been an open cuts and keep bleeding for about 2+ months or so i've been trying to put cream on them to heal but to no avail I suffer with eczema on my legs and arms so where i've been itching i have several cuts and scratches that once again never seem to heal even though am putting cream on daily. i don't even know where the back and chest cuts are coming from?Because its not eczema... More recently it happens about once a week my vision goes blurry and my head starts spinning and when i close my eyes because its a horrible feeling i can feel my head still spinning, i also sometimes get ringing in my ears and i go to the toilet alot but that could be due to me being an IBS sufferer also.
I've never been tested for diabetes my mum keep harrassing to go to the doctors about it. I have diabetes on both my mums and dads side of family
what do you guys think? I know you can't say i have or haven't but are my symptoms similar or am i barking up the wrong tree?
Thanks in advance guys! Love Jo x :)

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