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About 5 months ago, I went to a doctor for routine visit. My blood results came back with very high cholesterol (400), triglycerides (500), A1C (over 11.0),Fasting Blood Glucose (over 200). Basically, I was in bad shape.

My doctor prescribe me Crestor and Glimeperide. I purchase a blood glucose monitor at the pharmacy to test my fasting blood sugar (FBS) in the morning. Anyway, its been a couple of months now since starting taking those medications. I dont know where my Cholestorol is, but I will be taking a blood test in a few weeks for that. However, even when taking Glimeperide, I can never get my FBS to the range that my doctor said is acceptable, that is less than 130. My FBS ranges are from about 150 - 170 in the morning.

Anyway to make a long story short, I wasnt feeling good yesterday (worn down, tired), and had only a small cup of soup at around 6:30pm and nothing for the rest of the night. I woke up in the morning and felt very irritable, sweating and hungary, but wanted to test my FBS. To my suprise my FBS was 140, the lowest its ever been.

Now 140 is better than where it has been and a record for myself. I have read that with low blood sugar one can get irritable and sweats, etc. I guess what I dont understand is... if my blood sugar is supposely going to the range that is acceptable, why did I feel that way I did? I would understand if my FBS was 80, but if my FBS is getting to normal levels, i would think I would not feel hypoglycemia symptoms. It seems that my low blood sugar symptoms is at a higher range.

Any suggestions or thoughts?

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