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Re: Frustrated
Oct 17, 2012
I know exactly how you feel. This year I was told by a doctor I am diabetic because my Fasting Blood Glucose (FBG) was over 200 and my A1C was over 11. Doctor says she wants it below 130. It never happened yet for me, although I am in the 130-140 range now, which in my opinion I dont think is bad.

For the last six months since I have been testing my FBS, there were some days that I wake up and find my BG at 150, 160, 140, 160, 170. It seems that my FBS was changing every day, when I really didn't do anything different the day before. Here is what am doing to lower my FBS.

1) Get off the Crestor. In addition to high blood sugar, I also have high cholesterol. Doctor prescribe Crestor 40 mg to lower it. After doing some research on the internet, some statins can raise BG levels. Now does it make sense to take 1 drug that raises my BG, only to take another drug to lower it again? Doesn't make sense me. So I needed to make a management decision to stop the Crestor without doctor approval. (I do have a doctors appt in a week or so when I will mention that to her). If your own a statin, its up to you to stop taking it.

2) Diet. I have made changes to my diet. I stopped eating white pasta, rice, bread and switched to whole wheat pasta, brown rice and whole grain bread. Even though these are better than the former, don't over do it. Everthing in moderation. I eat oatmeal everyday for breakfast. Some may say that this has carbs. Again, dont over do it. This has helped me.

3) Stop Eating at Night. I used to after dinner, have late snacks around 9pm. Not anymore. Generally, I eat dinner at around 6:30 and nothing for the rest of the night. I say generally, because there is always the exception (ie weddings, gatherings, etc) where you can control that. Everyone metabolism is different. Some are able to metabolise food very quickly. In my case it takes a long time metabolise food. If I eat late at night, Im not hungary in the morning, and when I go to test my FBS its too high because my body is still breaking down the sugar from the night before.

4) Test you FBS at least an 1.5 hours after waking up. When I wake up, I used to test my FBS immediately and it was high. There is this thing called dawn phenomenon which actually raises you BS in the morning. So for me, I dont test immediately anymore as soon as I get up. I usually wait awhile.

5) Excercise. Look! I understand its hard to excercise. I have a sit down job and never move. Howerver, I try to at least walk 30 mins for 3 days a week. When parking, park the furthest away from the store and walk.
Although this isnt alot, its a start and has helped me.

These are just some of this things that has helped me and I hope it helps you too. I just went for a test on Monday to see how my cholesterol is. I really believe that this is a link to high sugar and cholesterol. I hoping that since I lowered my blood sugar, this will natually lower my cholesterol. I will find out when I go to my doctors appt next week.

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