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Feeling lost
Jul 27, 2013
... Is it still a concern if I don't produce ketones all of the time I go above 260 , but it seems like only sometimes. I've had it twice but still only small-moderate amounts where I'm not sure. Also my doctor is an internal medicine doctor, apparently has some diabetes knowledge, but she's not an endo. I know my family's not concerned enough, but I've essentially tried... (6 replies)
Feeling at 200?
Oct 24, 2012
... Whatever blood sugar you spend the most time at is what begins to feel normal for you. That can be too high, or too low. Once you come down, especially if you do it quickly, it can take a week or two to feel normal again and not feel low at the proper blood sugar. Once you've been at a proper glucose level for a while, 200+ will feel uncomfortable. You will feel thirst, maybe... (3 replies)
Please help
Jul 29, 2011
... ould make you feel a lot better. Maybe you had some sort of weak virus or something that made you feel so weird. Usually if your sugar goes low you will get that shakey feeling and if you felt better after the coke, that's what it sounds like. I believe 6.6 in your country is an average of 118 which is good. ... (9 replies)

... Yes you can buy one, but you can often get one for free if you buy a box of test strips. The shakey feeling you get might in fact be low blood sugar. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between low and high in the way you feel. ... (6 replies)
... or 2 hours after the start of a meal. In your case, I would test when you have the shakey feeling. Since it might be your blood sugar level, it will be best to test when you feel that way. ... (8 replies)
... Goals for diabetics are fasting blood sugars are between 70-110 2 hrs after meals under 140... Have you checked your blood sugar 2 hrs after a meal? Do you notice if you are shaky after certain meals? Sometimes large carbohydrate meals cause extra insulin production and then lower blood sugars because of the over production. Ive only heard of being shaky at 80 when... (8 replies)
... feel shaky at 80. I have never been diagnosed with either diabetes or hypoglycemia but decided to buy a blood sugar meter to just see what it is when I get that shakey feeling. It's about 80 or 85 and then I eat and it goes to about 105...then slowly goes back down to 85 or 90. ... (8 replies)
... a certain point, the adrenal gland releases cortisol and adrenaline to bring the sugar back up. The problem is that we feel the adrenaline response and get that shakey feeling you described. Sometimes our brains react a little different because it feels the adrenaline response and there's no danger!! ... (5 replies)
Feeling ill?
Jan 18, 2005
... I have no idea what is going on with me. For the last month I have felt shakey, like my legs are going to give out, nauseated, light headed, just plain weird to the point its making me not want to go out in fear of this happening. I took my sugar levels and they where 143 which are high for me. I drank water ate alittle something and felt better but it came back hours later. I... (1 replies)
... Just a little suggestion, if your blood sugar goes below 4 and you get that shakey feeling (i get that when it's about 3.5 and it feels like in seconds all my energy is just drained from my body), to bring your sugar level back up quickly, have some lifesavers on hand and eat about 8 of them. By eating pringles or the pie, the sugar in those will digest a lot slower and take... (7 replies)
... The worst symptom is the jittey shaky feeling. Another thing is that when I am haveing a jittery, shakey feeling I am not always hungry. ... (5 replies)
Please help
Jul 28, 2011
... Hi i am new on this site, i went to the docs this morn for several blood tests one for overacting thyroid and the other i had a fasting glucose test, as i had not eaten or drank anything apart from water i felt so ill i felt really shakey and sick and felt as though i was going to pass out im still not feeling right now despite having somthing to eat and drink can anyone tell... (9 replies)
Prediabetes diet
Apr 8, 2011
... Hello all, I started feeling shakey last week, thought I might have low blood sugar and after some investigation found that my fasting sugars are in the prediabetes range. ... (4 replies)
Am I hypoglycemic
Aug 10, 2010
... have been told over and over, if you have no issues then typically you can't be hypo...I'm still not sure how much i believe it becasue every couple hours i get shakey and weak feeling. you really need to listen to your body and always seek a second opinion of you feel the dr could be wrong. ... (2 replies)
... sugars and carbs, yet still my blood sugars are high every morning. It makes it impossible for me to function normally before 9am. In fact, I wake up sick and shakey as early as 3am and deal with eating fresh turkey and other proteins to try to get it down to normal levels. It has even been as high as 210 in the mornings. ... (10 replies)
Mom-help please
Feb 1, 2010
... y at 79, it is quite possible that if she is spending any significant amount of time in the 300s and 400s her body has become more accustomed to it and she feels shakey or low at the more "normal" number. This will go away if she spends more time in the normal range. ... (4 replies)
... ultrasound on gallbladder and pancreas but nothing came up. I feel extreme thirst. Shakey, use the bathroom alot and sometimes heart palps. I know I will start feeling better once I begin to urinate ALOT. If that makes any sense. ... (2 replies)
Aug 12, 2009
... and it has helped me feel a lot better. Sometimes I would get so hungry by supper time, I would be feeling weak and shakey, then great after I ate. ... (8 replies)
... I have a question here about low sugar readings. I have been experiencing alot of low sugar readings. One time this week when I was feeling sweaty I took my reading and it would not reqister a number it just said low. then I get readings of anywhere in the 40 to 80 range. ... (3 replies)
... Well, it's definitely NOT diabetes. It might be hypo, but the numbers aren't that low either. Are you feeling strange when you go down in the 70's? ... (1 replies)

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