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Mar 9, 2011
... peptide, it's quite possible that you are, indeed, diabetic. The fact that you get so tired after eating is another indication...your blood sugar is probably going quite high, which can make you feel absolutely exhausted. ... (1 replies)
Mar 5, 2011
... i do not know if I have diabetes but thought I would just write here to get some advise. ... (1 replies)
... years. I can't say if your fatigue would be caused by diabetes but you may be lacking digestive enzymes. ... (4 replies)

... Hello everyone. I decided to sign up and write one of these threads on my own after seeing a few of these types of threads, but not being satisfied with them. ... (1 replies)
New to Diabetes
Aug 18, 2013
... I think my blood sugar level became a more serious problem after 6 cortisone injections in my neck. I know the disease didn't happen over night. ... (10 replies)
Pre Diabetes
Jan 30, 2013
... wasn't diabetes and told me to come back in three months for another H1AC. In the meantime, I feel pretty crummy. Not sure what to do next. ... (4 replies)
... (3 replies)
... Let me start off by saying i'm a 22yo female, and diabetes runs in my family. My grandmother has it, my father has it, my younger brother has it, yet i've never been diagnosed. ... (3 replies)
I have Diabetes?
Jan 25, 2009
... I feel hungry, I have the URGE to drink water and when I get this thirst I feel 'agitated', it also seems hard for anything to quench my thirst. I generally feel tired a lot and sometimes weak. ... (7 replies)
... hey guys. im a 23 year old male. i am usually a very healthy guy except for the last couple of years. ive been having problems with chronic dizziness and anxiety. i also have a feeling of always feeling hungary and always thinking that i need food. the doctors thought maybe i had an inner ear disorder but some of the symptoms don't match up. i have a family history... (3 replies)
... tired as I am after lunch. ... (4 replies)
... did not have diabetes even through his family. ... (0 replies)
... You should see a doctor to know for sure if there's a problem. Besides there area other symptoms of prediabetes such as dizzyness, blurred vision, numbness in the arms, hand and feet, headaches, etc. Do you consume alot of starchy foods and sugars from candies, cakes, etc? If so, you will need to cut back but my advice is to see a doctor to know for sure. (3 replies)
... Sorry txrxs, its just that when I looked at your coated tongue symptom, that didn't correlate with any diabetes symptom that I know of. You started off by mentioning that you wanted some answers, but perhaps I didn't read carefully enough to see any questions? ... (3 replies)
... ust recently i've also noticed that when i eat something that contains alot of protein, IE a big montana from arby's, or a nitrotech bar, within about 30 minutes after eating i get extremely tired to the point where i cannot keep my eyes open. ... (3 replies)
... Thanks for answering. This is defnitely not your normal feel kinda sleepy after a meal type of thing. It's more like if I don't lie down I'll fall down, as if I've been heavily drugged. ... (4 replies)
... Yes, that symptom is consistent and I did experience that. However, most people will experience some fatigue after eating a large meal. ... (4 replies)
Feb 17, 2004
... Constanly hungry, but when eat heart rate kicks in and i get flushed in the face and ears, to the point where i do not want to eat, but hungry after i eat? ... (8 replies)
... eat foods like Doughnuts or drink a Coke, within 15 minutes I get hotflashes and I feel like going to sleep. I also get grumpy and want nothing to do with anyone after consuming such foods. ... (5 replies)
... I have had type 1 diabetes for 24 years. On an insulin pump and very well controlled, A1Cs around 6.0, give or take, always. I'm female, just turned 45. ... (6 replies)

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