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My boyfriend and recently moved in together. I'm a health professional and know a lot about nutrition, so I always make us healthy meals. Usually I have fruit and yogurt for breakfast, a sandwich and soup for lunch and a healthy supper like homemade pizza, homemade Indian, Chinese or Thai dishes, kebabs with rice and salad. But there is one problem, since I moved in with my boyfriend (does physical work for a living, 5'10", 160 lbs), I have been eating the sugar with him along with our healthy meals. For example, I drink lots of water. It's my beverage of choice. If I want something more exciting I buy carbonated water like Perrier to have with supper or if I'm craving carbonation. I buy iced tea for him, the kind with sugar in it, because he actually needs the sugar to keep him going. He probably burns 10,000 kcal/day! But then when my carbonated water is gone, I reach for an iced tea. Also, recently we've bought creamsicles and ice cream sandwiches at the grocery store. Ice cream is my ultimate weakness. I let myself have it every now and again, but lately I've been having one a day. Also, on weekends I've been making us pancakes with syrup etc.

I haven't gained any weight, I never do, my body keeps me at the same healthy weight all the time. I exercise 3-5 times a week in various fashions - go to the gym and do cardio, weights, swim laps, go for walks with my friends and I coach soccer two nights a week. HOWEVER, I've decided that I can't go on eating sugar like this! So this is what I've been doing and I just wanted to know what you all think.

I've cut out all refined white flour so I'm eating whole grain bread, cereals, pasta and rice, but no white buns, bread, pizza crusts.
I've also cut out sugar from sweets like ice cream, syrup, sweet drinks.
I changed our pancake mix from Aunt Jemima to Red Mills 10 Grain - I had some real maple syrup (I live in Canada) but only about 1 tbsp per pancake.
I'm eating lots of fruit. I just had breakfast and had two 113g yogurts with 1/2 cup blueberries, then I had a banana and a mandarin orange. Now this is where it gets dicy for me. First of all I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY LOVE YOGURT! It's my favorite food. I usually buy Danone Classic Fruit - It's 1.4% M.F and has sugar it in. Is this ok? I would buy plain yogurt, but I've never been able to find it in the ind. containers - I like to use them as a portion kind and to tell me when to stop.
Also, just wondering if it's ok to eat lots of fruit. I've always eaten lots of fruit and don't really want to stop because of all the great nutrients in it, but I wanted to see what you all thought.

Sorry for the long post. Hopefully you can all give me some good advice!


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