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I do Atkins and I have been on this way of eating for over a year. I have met many many people who have been on this way of eating for years and years. One woman recently posted on a low carb website I am a member of that she has been on Atkins and went from 310 pounds to a healthy 143 and kept it off. Another woman who also has been on this way of eating for 5 years and recently one of her family members needed a kidney transplant. She went into see if she was a match. The Doctor in charge of this said her cholesterol levels, and such were the healthiest he has seen in a long time. He asked her what her diet was and she said I do Atkins. He said, that is the best diet for health. We see more people who faithfully follow this way of eating and their cholesterol levels and triglicerides are perfect as is their blood pressure and blood sugar levels. He told her that high carbs are extremely bad for your health.

Ok to clear up a misconception. Atkins and low carb is not NO carbs for goodness sake. Low carbs are just that low not NO. I do not eat high carbs which basically breaks down to white things. No white bread, sugar, white potatoes, white rice etc. Or things with high sugar content.

Ok if you went on any diet to lose weight in the world you would gain it back if you stopped. So wisdom would say if you stopped eating the low carb way you gain it back and that's a fact. So the low carb lifestyle can never be approached with I will go on it to lose the weight then go off of it. Big mistake! You have to change your mindset and way of thinking. You must get to the point that eating the old way is just not worth it.

I was 160 and now weigh 107 and my husband was 270 and now weighs 200 pounds and we look great, feel great and eat like pigs. LOL! Never count calories, or limit fat intake. Just eat till we are full and sometimes fuller. It just depends on what you choose to eat. Remember we are no longer on induction but the next steps.

Get the Atkins book first before you start and read read read.


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