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hi! for how long have you been on the vegan/vegetarian diet? i remember when i first switched to vegetarian, i actually didn't get too much gas at all or basically none (prolly didnt notice). BUT i did get gas and bloating if i ate too much fruit and beans, esp with fruits. so I think it also dep on the amounts your getting. it's healthy, but don't overdo it.

do you have any other digestive symptoms as well? it could also be that you'v got a digestive disorder producing more gas than usual. i've had so many digestive disorders and initially i always thought it was because i switched to being vegetarian, but no. my gas and bloating (plus indigestion too) was due to like small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, ibs, h. pylori and gastritis and mild hiatal herna.

so make sure that theres not anything else causing the symptoms. if your perfectly healthy otherwise, then it possible is the fibre in veg and fruit that causes the gas, bloating etc. i would say, you can still be a vegetarian you know, if you just cut down on some of the gas causing foods like beans forexample - a big offender here. and fruits w skins that are harder to digest like apples and pears. stringy vegetables like celery and asparagus are also hard to digest. plus eat a bit less of broccoli and the veg from the cabbage family bc of the sugar raffinose that can cause gas. cook these and basically all vegetables before eating since cooking softens the fibrous part of it and makes it easier to break down to smaller pieces , instead of having large chunks going undigested and totally there for bacteria to fermet on it.

and with protein, if your not completely vegan - instead of too much beans and nuts, try low fat milk, cheese and yoghurt. and also eat your eggs :) they're nutrient packs!! basically !! hehe

and also - it IS O.K to have white grains like white bread, pasta, noodles etc. if you think the fibre in whole wheat or grainy bread just causes more problems - then def limit the amount. it's not like, deadly to eat white bread and such, sometimes for people who're intolerant to fibre or hypersensitive, they basically have to stick to refined products to reduce the gas and bloating - - something im suffering from actually!

And when it comes to intestinal sensitivity to fibre - we're all diff. some individuals like me, and perhaps you too, are more sensitive to the gas. it's not necessarily that we PRODUCE more gas, but just that our intestines handle it differently. eg. X amount of gas is a normal amount for most ppl, but for us, it's too much for our intestines to handle , possibly due to the gas not diffusing properly thru the intestinal wall, and it jjust stays in the intestines and gets pushed through giving us all these embarassing symptoms!

But yea, see how you go. don't give up on the vegetarian diet just yet. I would suggest,, try smaller amounts of gas causing foods such as beans, nuts and vegetables high in raffinose, as well as fruits such as apples pears and plums with hard to digest skin. go easy on whole grains, esp with eg bread with lots of grits/seeds etc in it, and remember its ok to switch to white once in a while :) also, if your worried bout protein, definitely go for some low fat dairy products and some eggs, or egg dishes. tofu is also good if you like that. soy milk/drinks too.

if you are having cold cereal such as natural muesli or oats, esp the unprocessed ones, try cooking the oats first - i find it definitely causes less gas - softens the fibre obviously and breaks down some of the carbohydrate first too. to me any cereal seems to cause more gas than usual, so i've cut down on the amount of cereal i'm eating and ive noticed wuite a lot of improvements! see if it works for you.

I hope this helps :):)

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