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I AM a classic hypogycemic too! I was even that way as a child and feel shakey if I have too much carb/not enough protein. As a preteen I remember changing my breakfast, myself, to 2 eggs/glass lowfat milk (no bread/toast) and I did much better and could make it to lunch.

Now I like peanut butter/almond butter on 1 slice whole wheat toast or on 6 saltines with soy milk. Or sometimes 1 egg and 2 whites with 1 slice toast.

I do better in the afternoon, but in the morning I really need to load up on protein. I say for hypoglycemics, eat your dinner (supper) for breakfast (low fat meat/fish/eggs/whites etc.);)


Hmm, I wonder why I seem to be the opposite! I was always trying to lower my carbs in order to keep off weight and stay fit and never had any hypoglycemia symptoms until I started lowering my carbs. Now I have to make sure to eat enough of them or I feel so dizzy/drunkish. I sometimes have to eat sweet candies and seem to never feel shaky frrom them! I just seem to become more alert again. I have family members all with low blood glucose that can do the same. They can eat tons of sugar and have a normal blood sugar level. Just out of curiosity, why would this be different for some of us?

I also like to eat breakfast for dinner and vice versa! I guess I get bored with the typical expected meal, so I like to mix it up!

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