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You get that your illness is caused by your diet and lack of exercise because it's partly true.

However if you are chronically tired you can't eat properly as you are too tired to feel hungry and when you aren't so tired you will eat the foods that fill you up quickest. However these foods don't give you enough energy to exercise as refined carbs cause peaks and toughs in your energy levels.

Have you had blood tests to look at your nutrient levels? Particularly B group vitamins and vitamin D. If not get them done. Lots of people suffering from conditions like CFS/ME feel slightly better if their levels of these vitamins are in the higher range. Plus if you have chronic pain you need to have at least these vitamins checked out as there is a link between certain pain symptoms and low levels of certain vitamins. Don't just start taking the vitamins as unfortunately you may end up taking ones you don't need or take those you do need in insufficient quantities.

First you need to make yourself eat 3 meals a day at regular intervals.

So as you like bananas start with eating a banana for breakfast. Then progress to eating a banana sandwich. As an alternative you can eat yoghurt mixed with some fruit. (You can get dairy free yoghurt if needs be.)

Then for lunch have soup - there are massives of different soups you can make. For example leek and onion soup, lentil and vegetable soup, super green soup which is basically a variety of green vegetables like brocoli, peas, spinach made into a soup then blended. If you can think of a vegetable you like to eat and doesn't upset your stomach use google to see if there is a soup recipe for it. Soups are easy to make as you can either use stock, water and the vegetables or you can leave out the stock if you are gong to consume all the soup immediately. You also spice it to taste. You can use frozen vegetables for some soups i.e. pea soup. So you can eat soup every day and it can be a different one if you want it to be.

For dinner as you like spicy food why not make the vegetables you like into a stir fry with some spices thrown in. I tend to use chili and garlic a lot and often ginger. Some times I use sauces often I don't. Then have them with some pasta, noodles or rice, and quorn.

Then once you have got yourself eating 3 times a day and have started walking, throw in snacks at a 2 hour intervals. If you can stand to eat nuts have about 10 non-salted ones. Or as an alternative have some fruit.

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