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... I started a low-carb diet, mostly as an attempt to combat a decades-long chronic reflux-related cough. (I know, sounds weird. Desperation calls for strange approaches.) The problem is, even though I would like to stick out this diet, I'm getting some nasty symptoms. Most of what I've read indicate that carb-withdrawal is worst the first few days, and gradually gets better.... (3 replies)
... is motivating as well. Sometimes I feel like the lone Low Carb Commando where ever I go. I can't stand the ridiculous myths that are perpetuated about this diet. ... (16 replies)
... Some people digest carbs very differently as well....Being reactive-hypoglycemic, instead of giving me energy, carbs immediately make me tired and dowsy like I have just been drugged. my body takes most carbs I eat and sends it straight to my fat cells!!! When I go on low carb, I never feel those symptoms...if anything, I feel like I have ten times more energy. It all... (16 replies)

... ive been on the low carb for 2 weeks now. I too felt the dizzyness, and kinda nauseated from time to time. ... (16 replies)
... Jennifer, probably the most wonderful post I have ever read in explaining low carb. I am impressed. I bow to your wisdom my friend. :wave: (16 replies)
... Think about how difficult it must be for the body to convert from using sugar as it's main fuel to using fat as it's fuel. That's why you get a headache and a weak feeling. It's a huge adjustment but a healthy one. It's bascially withdrawal from a "drug. ... (16 replies)
... that are bad for you. An example is white things, like sugar, rice, potatoes, flour, white bread etc. But veges are wonderful good carbs and no one who does low carb right limits these. As for Atkins filing bankruptcy. Do you realize the "Atkins Company" is just a company with his name on it. Dr. ... (16 replies)
... OH, absolutely! You can have sugar withdrawals just like you can have withdrawals from cigarettes, alcohol, or even caffeine! I'm sure you've heard of coffee drinkers getting a headach when trying to kick their caffeine habit.?..?..? It's great that you are trying to cut back on sugar and "bad" carbs, but don't forget to keep eating "good" carbs. The whole low-carb thing... (16 replies)
... it makes sense that you would. i know a lot of people get bad or extreme headaches when they stop drinking full flavored soda too. Im glad thats one thing I wasnt attached too. I just started the low carb thing the other day so far no headaches =) goodluck! (16 replies)
... Yes, I've tried low carb and I suffered from vertigo, nausea and extreme fatigue. ... (16 replies)
... No Im still in the induction phase. I have never really been into the whole low carb thing but I did weight watchers over the winter and that was a great diet but I hit a plateau then i gained back 8 of the 12 I lost . ... (16 replies)
... so short term is okay for some people on low carb for some reason. Did you go through the induction phase? ... (16 replies)
... I just started the south beach diet two days ago and since then I have been getting headaches. Im just wondering if you can have sugar/carb withdrawal? (16 replies)
... I have the book and a carb counter. ... (50 replies)
... carb products out there, but Atkins' recommendation is to eat real food and make every carb count by using them to eat nutrient dense foods. ... (50 replies)
... You should never go under 20 carbs a day. You cannot get enough veggies on that amount. Stay in the 20-30 range. (50 replies)
... I am also on this diet........I have not had my head hurt. I have been going to certain web sites that allow me to plan my meals in advance and it shows me my carb count and also a list of whats in the food i pick out. I love to play with it! ... (50 replies)
... high carb diet inhibits weight loss. ... (50 replies)
... A high carb diet is more inclined to bring about the above mentioned swings, but you can't feel them. The only thing you may feel is an energy boost followed by fatigue. ... (50 replies)
... The concept of low fat high carb diets was built on a flawed study back in the fifties. ... (50 replies)

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