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... Not only is ketosis NOT dangerous for us, there is considerable evidence that it is the type of energy metabilism we were evolved to live by. High carbohydrate diets, in fact a consistent intake of any large amount of carbohydrates throughout the year (outside of a narrow peak growing season), did not occur until after the introduction of agriculture, and even more, until... (50 replies)
... believe that low carb can help prevent the growth of cancer cells. It helps prevent and control diabetes. It lowers the bad cholesterol levels. ... (50 replies)
... I do not personally check my urine for ketones. Ketone strips are unreliable and there other ways to tell if you are going into ketosis. I can tell by nausea. You CAN lose weight without being in ketosis. Many people do, including myself. (50 replies)

... If someone is checking for ketone bodies in their urine as a sign of progress on a low carb diet, that means they are striving for ketosis, which by definition means consumption of insufficient carbohydrates for the brain and nervous system. ... (50 replies)
... What you eat, though, is very similar to a low carb maintenance plan. You need to realize that some people cannot handle a ton of carbs. Hypoglycemics and diabetics do much better on a low carb diet. ... (50 replies)
... If it works for you nsa, that's great. I don't see that anyone is having any kind of problem with the diet that works for you. Why are you having such a problem with what other people find works for them? I used to following a high carb, quasi vegetarian plan . . . with the underlying philosophy of peace on earth, love your fellow creatures, blah, blah, blah. What I have... (50 replies)
... et. We eat enough good carbs, and still lose weight. The maintenance phase allows for even more good carbs. It is a much healthier way of eating than the high carb diets. You don't get the blood sugar spikes, hunger pangs, and cravings because you keep your blood sugar consistent. ... (50 replies)
... Actually a LC diet lowers triglycerides and cholesterol in most people. When on Atkins or Protein Power, you limit the carbs to 20-30 per day the first 2 weeks. After that carbs are added back in until you reach a gaining point. That is how you know your limit to acheive the weight loss. It is really helpful to read one of the books so that you understand how this way of... (50 replies)
... other health related problems with atkins.I would reccomend you go off this diet right away for your own well being.If you need advice ask.I lost 45lbs on a high carb diet. ... (50 replies)
... is necessary for brain function. Funny how my brain is much clearer on a low carb plan. If I stray, I feel as if I am in a fog. ... (50 replies)
... The headaches are typically from carb withdrawal and the fact that your body is converting to "Fat Metabolism" from carb metabolism. ... (50 replies)
... It's a diet that causes the dieter to burn his or her own fat cells instead of glucose. You eat a diet that restricts sugar and starch. (1 replies)
... still have a bit of urine output at first, eliminating carbs has a diuretic effect on the body, thus the reason why people "lose" so quickly when beginning a low carb regime. ... (7 replies)
... I am A positive, but I have read articles similar to your references here. Most people are type O, so it may be a majority rules type of thing. As far as defeating depression with no drugs, that is absolutely fantastic. I know many people who have given in to the Doc and bought those anti-depressants. In my opinion, and some may disagree, I think those drugs screw up your... (16 replies)
... I've been low carbing for 2 years now. I was 35 years old when I started and I wished I had known about it sooner. It wasn't hard for me to NOT eat the foods, but the side effects of not having them was. The fountain coca colas always made me feel like crap, the french fries always gave me a stomach ache, but when I eliminate them, I felt great after eating. My side effects... (16 replies)
... Yes, you can experience withdrawal from carbohydrates. I did the SBD about a year ago and thought I'd die during the first two weeks! The first four or five days I felt SICK!...weak and dizzy, but it passed and I successfully finished the weeks. I stayed religiously on the diet til early this summer. I have taken a 'vacation' from it cause I wasn't losing any more weight. I... (16 replies)
... I have been doing Atkins for over a year. What you are experiencing is a normal process of your body withdrawing from all the sugars and such. It goes away soon and will be replaced with much more energy than you are use to. I have went from 150 to 107 pounds. My husband weighed 170 and now weighs 200 pounds. This is not a diet however, but a new way of eating. You stop lo... (16 replies)
... Headaches are a fairly common problem that last a couple of days. Try increasing water intake. (16 replies)
Feb 26, 2005
... So, then I read the 'Carbohydrate Addicts Diet' and I had my epiphany. It totally clued to how all those carb laden foods were causing the vicious cycles of eating and feeling good followed by extreme and naseating hunger within 2 hours. ... (32 replies)
... is recomending basically a low carb , Organic, Kosher diet. ... (18 replies)

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