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Constant Hunger
Mar 7, 2015
... Did your Dr. check your Thyroid? Many things can change after menopause, but you Thyroid can change anytime. In the mean time try to eat things like fruits and vegetables. Also, drink lots of water to help to make you feel full and won't cost you calories. Good luck! (3 replies)
Constant Hunger
Jan 28, 2015
... Does anyone else have constant hunger? ... (3 replies)
... The problem is, since actually trying to eat meals without constant nibbling, I have discovered that I am constantly hungry. ... (12 replies)

Constant Hunger
Jun 4, 2009
... since March 2009. Food sometimes make the hunger go away briefly. The hunger is sometimes painful too. ... (4 replies)
Constant Hunger
Jan 29, 2015
... How is your water consumption? A lot of people mistake 'hunger pangs' for genuine thirst. Also, what does your diet consist of. Perhaps some more fibrous veggies will fill you up a bit. (3 replies)
... About a month or so after that, I started feeling constant hunger pains and began putting back on some weight. ... (2 replies)
I'm so hungry.
Dec 4, 2014
... Should I just keep eating, or should I force myself to just deal with the constant hunger? ... (4 replies)
... It's not like I'm just craving somthing or that I have munchies, these are HUNGER PAINS. This constant hunger is starting to become a real inconvience since it usually hits me when I'm at school or when I'm busy doing something and just can't leave to grab a sandwich. ... (4 replies)
... Could this constant hunger be attributed to puberty? ... (3 replies)
Constant Hunger
Jan 28, 2015
... It sounds like it could be hormone related. I had similar issues in the past when I had a hormone imbalance. If your Dr did not check your hormones, I suggest having them do so, and even if they did you can get more in depth tests for that. It took a lot of Drs for me to get to the bottom of my issues, but I am glad I stuck with it and knew it was not just me "getting older,"... (3 replies)
... if cooked in a certain way. French toast, no. Fruit, no. Vegetables, no. I can't eat anything I like anymore and tend to go throughout each day with a very dull, constant "hunger" feeling in my stomach, but I can't do anything about it. ... (1 replies)
Constant Hunger
Jul 27, 2009
... Have them check your hormones and see if there is something out of wack. I think something has gotten out of wack and they just have to find out what. Maybe it is time too, to change the anxiety drugs and look close at all the medications you are on. (4 replies)
Constant Hunger
Jun 4, 2009
... constanthunger, As jane suggests, a parasite might be involved. Another thought is that there is some underlying condition that is not allowing you to absorb nutrition. Celiac disease (gluten intolerance) comes to mind. Or a severe vitamin/mineral imbalance. Regardless, I would pursue this with your doctor, insisting on tests to find out the cause. If your doctor... (4 replies)
Constant Hunger
Jun 4, 2009
... Jane- Thanks for the reply. I've thought about that a little bit, but don't know much. The Doc's that mentioned that only asked 1. Have you done any traveling? (I said no). 2. Do you have any bowel irritation? (I said no). 3. Any whole food in your feces? (I said no). And that was the end of the conversation- Is there more to consider? How do I check? (4 replies)
Constant Hunger
Jun 4, 2009
... Did they test you for parasites, such as tapeworm? It is unusual for one's food needs to suddenly increase after age 20. You didn't start exercising a lot more, did you? (4 replies)
... something more substantial such as sushi or toast. this will keep me going, im never uncomfortably bloated and i can actually function without thinking about my constant hunger. I also used to have coffee to try and keep me going for the day but this made me feel anxious, jittery, headachy and sick. ... (5 replies)
... headaches, ttiredness, constant hunger pangs etc. that I didn't know the cause of. ... (21 replies)
... The slower digesting starches provide a slow source of energy which is what gets us throught he day without constant hunger. ... (12 replies)
To rageofangels
Jun 23, 2003
... fog, weakness, depression, nervousness, compulsive behavior, constant hunger....thank God I do not live with this continually anymore like I used to. I honestly don't know how I survived so long with these symptoms everyday. ... (1 replies)
... Thanks for the Atkins tip. I did try Atkins a couple of years ago and I was so hungry all the time I couldn't stand it! Plus, with the Hemochromatosis, I really need to watch how much meat I consume..........which would be really hard to accomplish with Atkins anyway. Even now, I've tried adjusting the ratio of carbs/protein/fat and the more protein I include the worse I... (12 replies)

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