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Too much fruit??
Jul 30, 2018
... Thanks to all who replied.Very helpful. I do eat a healthy balanced diet. Yes Oatmeal with fruit in it. The only way I can eat it. I am also biking or walking now as long as its not too hot out. I will alter my diet to just fruit 2 times daily. I even restricted my banana intake. So instead of one every day just 3 times a week. Anyone hear that cinnamon was good too... (6 replies)
... its all a matter of extrinsic versus intrinsic sugar intake. ... (13 replies)
... You know, I was wondering the same thing. I'm on a weight GAIN diet but im worried about my sugar intake. How much fruit do you eat in a day? ... (13 replies)

... I'm trying to limit my sugar intake so I've been counting how much sugar I consume in a day and I've discovered that I get about 40g from my five portions of fruit and veg alone. ... (13 replies)
... if you are worried about the sugar intake you could try to fill up on fruits that are lower in sugar than others such as green apples, grapefruit, cranberries, and all other berries. ... (13 replies)
... Thank you so much fairycake! It sounds like you have a VERY balanced diet. Good job! So I just wanted to comment further on my grain I wanted to clarify it...I don't eat 17 PIECES of bread a day (lol), my bread tends to be more than 1 ounce a piece so i count it as more than 1 serving. My bread also doesnt have any added sugar. I eat about 6-8 pieces of bread... (13 replies)
... servings of the meat food group, which in every nutritionist opinion is way too much. That being said, the sugar they are talking about is added sugar to foods. Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you like. Eat bread to your fill. Make sure its whole grain bread with no sugars added. ... (13 replies)
... Hi, I was doing a little study on this stuff and read through your thread. Someone said that they mix water salt and sugar and this seems to work. ... (13 replies)
... I usually eat about 4 portions of fruit a day which isn't that much, I know, but I just got worried when I started adding up the sugar contents. I have a very small appetite so I'd have a hard time maintaining a healthy weight without eating some grains every day. ... (13 replies)
... I'm confused about "healthy" weight gain. LoL. And im super confused about sugar vs. natural sugar. So do you know what types of foods put on "healthy" weight and which ones just put on chunk? ... (13 replies)
... i agree with zevi8. dont take the FDA or Canda's food guide too seriously. they are strongly influenced by the food industry. i also agree that you should eat as many fruits as you want, but you do need a good balance. if you eat nothing but fruit you will have problems. balance your fruit and veggies and protiens. i dont agree that you should be eating grains so much... (13 replies)
... Even though fruit has a lot more sugar than bread? ... (13 replies)
... fruit and vegitables. unatural sugars are found in anything...unatural, such as breads or anything that is packaged and doesnt come straight from nature! sadly sugar is added to almost everything and it is one of the most damaging "foods" to the human body. ... (13 replies)
... On the subject of sugar, what should I try to limit my daily sugar intake to in grams or a similar measurement for a healthy diet? ... (8 replies)
... always choose the fruit. as stared before, fruit is natural, bread and oatmeal are not. (13 replies)
... There is nothing wrong with eating alot of fruit. Its full of good stuff.What kind of bread are you eating? It should be whole grain. The white stuff is just empty calories and will probably add chunk where you dont want it. (13 replies)
Daily calories....
Jul 14, 2005
... somewhere that when the brain is craving something sweet, that its' usually because of a vitamin C deficiency and eating an orange does the trick. WHen I have a sugar craving, i either eat some strawberries, oranges, or some fruit that is real sweet. SOmtimes I'll throw some low fat cool whip on my strawberries, yummmm! ... (5 replies)
Daily calories....
Jul 14, 2005
... and lots of it...most days! I exersise 6 days a week....i take Sunday's off. I dont strictly keep count daily on my calorie intake.....i keep it in my head...roughly what i eat. I've never felt so health in my life..i quit drinking and smoking!!! ... (5 replies)
... I really feel like i am eating too much and that my calorie intake is way too high compared to the rest of my family.i feel as though i am packing on pounds by the day. ... (4 replies)
Sodium Content
Dec 1, 2003
... of the daily recommended amount! yikes! ... (4 replies)

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