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... By eating only rice for 40 days, you are putting yourself at risk for significant malnutrition. ... (5 replies)
... What kind of rice are you looking to eat? ... (5 replies)
... I eat a certain type of rice the Japanese call "haiga" rice. ... (14 replies)

... tryptophan can really only make a person tired right away if it is eaten or taken by itself without any amino acids. ... (12 replies)
... Do you eat brown rice for the fiber or for the nutrients? ... (9 replies)
... I agree...beans and rice are cheap but how on earth are you supposed to stay interested? ... (11 replies)
... your looking to go to the hospital bud. what does eating rice for forty days have to do with being catholic? ... (5 replies)
... My sleep schedule is a bit messed up right now, so I woke up at around 4pm, and got my Chinese at 6pm, so I literally had only been awake for about 2 hours. I got Sesame Chicken with some white rice, but ended up not really eating the rice. ... (1 replies)
... Has anyone else ever eaten nothing but rice and water? ... (5 replies)
... Hi all, I am not on a diet, although I keep a strict lifestyle in terms of my food habits for health reasons (I am a Celiac). I also don't eat meat (I just don't like meat)and I avoid some dairy products like milk and yogurt. I do occasionally eat cheese (which I love, it is hard to cut that out). Dairy does strange things to my body, so I try to cut down on it, and... (6 replies)
... Dave, Not all celiacs die quickly from eating gluten -- most of us don't even find out that our problems stem from gluten intolerance until we're WELL into adulthood (around 50 in my case). As for breakfast, I usually have either cornflakes (with no malt as an added ingredient) or cooked buckwheat flakes. I make milk from powdered milk and regular milk, and add a banana... (11 replies)
Dec 28, 2004
... That being said, it is HEALTHIER to lose or gain weight by eating a balanced day, meaning not too many carbs or fat or protein. ... (10 replies)
... For meat protein the choice must be eggs and chicken. Fish is only for those with a ROD and beef for those with their own herds. ... (11 replies)
... ms. I cut out all processed foods which was a big step for me if you could have only seen my kitchen pantry before my diet change. I wasn't a bad eater it was just when I did eat my meals that were not the right foods. ... (4 replies)
... actually whole wheat is still wheat. Wheat is not good for people in general, mainly because it contains GLUTEN (something very hard to digest). Many people are allergic to wheat and/or gluten and they dont even know it! It's a very common allergen. Rye and spelt also contain gluten, though I find I can get away w/ eating them w/o a stomach ache most of the time, so they must... (73 replies)
... The only thing that ever got rid of my cravings for JUNK so that I can stick to a healthy diet is when I did Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet.. ... (3 replies)
Is my diet okay?
Sep 22, 2017
... every day for supper for the last 2 months in a row. I checked the ingredients and the only thing that appears to be bad is the sodium content, which is around 1,600 mg per meal. I do not add any cheese or sour cream sauce and only get the mild sauce. ... (4 replies)
... Well if your symptoms are caused by Celiac then you will only get worse. ... (5 replies)
Rice cakes
Nov 24, 2005
... I've been buying them fairly regularly at a wonderful DOLLAR store in Manhattan called Jacks. THey are only 25 calories each, have NO corn in them, and are available in about 10 flavors... ... (6 replies)
... t 2 hours later so I'd drink a whey protein shake to get my protein. I just love having some kind of sweet "bread" product with my coffee lol. I do agree that eating protein with it would be better, but eggs are one of the only options for breakfast and I don't want to eat eggs EVERY day becaue of cholesterol. ... (10 replies)

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