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... I find that if I drink a glass of water before I eat,that it will take away some of my hunger feelings.Take a glass ,even between meals. ... (14 replies)
... often hunger cravings are caused through nature ergo our body is trying to tell us something. ... (14 replies)
... Have you tried carrots and celory sticks? They're crunchy healthy things, eating alot of them is a diet technique based on the theory that part of your desire to eat food is just that you want something for your teeth to chew on. I'm not fat but I know the feeling very well. Pretty much every time I go to the pantry or the fridge its not that I want something that tastes... (14 replies)

... Hmm, I wonder why I seem to be the opposite! I was always trying to lower my carbs in order to keep off weight and stay fit and never had any hypoglycemia symptoms until I started lowering my carbs. Now I have to make sure to eat enough of them or I feel so dizzy/drunkish. I sometimes have to eat sweet candies and seem to never feel shaky frrom them! I just seem to become more... (14 replies)
... Perhaps you can try to ensure that when you eat carbohydrates, that they are either slow digesting carbohydrates (e.g. oatmeal, beans, lentils), or that they are eaten in combination with foods with substantial fiber, water, protein, and (unsaturated) fat, in order to slow digestion. (14 replies)
... Hmm, very interesting. What I do find is that I tend to eat my breakfast for dinner. I always crave cereal, toast and a milk protein drink at night. Weird. lol (14 replies)
... Grace- I AM a classic hypogycemic too! I was even that way as a child and feel shakey if I have too much carb/not enough protein. As a preteen I remember changing my breakfast, myself, to 2 eggs/glass lowfat milk (no bread/toast) and I did much better and could make it to lunch. Now I like peanut butter/almond butter on 1 slice whole wheat toast or on 6 saltines with soy... (14 replies)
... I have hypoglycemia as well! I just keep little healthy snacks arond to much on throughout the day or I just feel too dizzy and out of it and can't concentrate at work. I think it's SO important to drink plenty of water. You want to stay well hydrated. Aim for about 8 glasses of water and it should help keep you a bit more full. I used to drink less water and felt hungry more... (14 replies)
... Thank you! You know, it's a bit weird, but even as I read those suggestions you had for my breakfast, I felt I just knew they would fill me up more than other things...I agree with you - I am prone to mild hypoglycemia. I get shaky and almost a slight tunnel vision if I haven't had anything to eat for a few hours, and MAJORLY when what I last ate was heaps of sugar (when I... (14 replies)
... My thoughts are, you may be sensitive to carbs and have a tendency towards hypoglycemia (or low blood sugar), which can make you feel hungry every 1-3 hrs. It is interesting when you had the breakfast of eggs/soy and just 1 slice of toast, you could last alot longer. - Where as, your typical breakfast of 2 slices toast, shredded wheat is much higher in carbs, with some... (14 replies)
... Thanks for that :) I find if I have a breakfast of say, poached eggs on soy & linseed toast, with mushrooms, spinach, etc, I'll be SO full and can actually go for hours without food. It's excellent! But nothing else does it, and I can't have that breakfast everyday. I also find my appetite dulls during the day while I'm at work. I eat a banana and a little thing of diced... (14 replies)
... How much vegetables do you eat? Vegetables, with their volume and fiber, can help fill you up and keep you full. Also, dry cereals (even the better ones made of whole grain with no added sugar) are typically fast digesting carbohydrates which may not keep you full as well as hot cereals like oatmeal. Good fats, like those from nuts, avocados, fish, and non-hydrogenated... (14 replies)
... Ironically, quitting nicotine causes weight gain due to the improvement in overall health; lowering of systemic inflammation, decreased heart rate and being able to taste and smell again. Weight gain tends to level off in two to five years. Edit to add: sugar free popsicles kept me busy. They're satisfying, take awhile to eat and are only 10-15 calories. (14 replies)
... Hi GraceSlick, I am having the same problem. I quit smoking 2 years ago and my appetite is nonstop. I don't eat big meals but pick all day long and night. The smoking really curbed that but I won't go back to it. Good luck. Let me know if you find any help and I will do the same. Herairness (14 replies)
... Ever since I quit smoking almost 4 years ago, my appetite has been quite high. Iíve always been naturally slim and with a very fast metabolism. Until I quit smoking, I had to eat quite a bit of junk food and high fat foods or my weight would actually drop, which I didnít want. I am 5í7Ē and up until I quit smoking at age 27, I weighed around 53kg. 6 months after... (14 replies)
... I also have this problem. Regardless of what I eat or how much of it, solid food stimulates my appetite so that I am hungrier after I eat (more than 20 minutes aftewards) than I was before I ate. I eat 5-6 times per day (trying to lose weight and eating smaller, more frequent meals) but even after eating a meal I'm hungrier after I eat it (even after the 20 minutes that it... (10 replies)
... And don't forget PACOS and Cushings. I don't think it's always as simple as counting calories. (18 replies)
... Unexpected weight gain, extreme hunger, vision changes, feeling very tired, sores that will not heal, and frequent infections. ... (18 replies)
Aug 15, 2005
... on, it just seems like you eat too much food. Digestion takes more energy than any other thing the body can do. Unless you have some hypoglycemia issues and need frequent small meals, I would just cut back on some of the overall intake. Probably most of it is just getting pooped out. I assume you aren't fat. ... (3 replies)
... smaller more frequent meals will help boost metabolism, keep hunger at bay, and keep blood sugar stabilized. ... (2 replies)

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