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... I don't know if 10 cans a day, every day, are safe, but no one has creditable evidence of harm from splenda, nutrasweet, or aspartame at the kinds of quantities most people eat. As for the sugar alcohols, sorbitol is ok up to 10 grams per day in most adults, at 10-70 grams per day (depending on your sensitivity), you get diarrhea. Xylitol has one definite health benefit... (13 replies)
... re out what is wrong. I do occasionaly have diet drinks, sometimes with aspartame sometimes with splenda. But I do not have a mass amount of them. I used to have splenda once in a while and nothing happened to me, same with why now would these things be giving me a reaction? ... (9 replies)
... I've been avoiding Splenda altogether recently. It's simply not worth all the cramping and diarrhea I get when I have any. ... (48 replies)

... Splenda tends to give me cramps. I feel all bloated and get cramps after I have any of it. Then those feelings usually lead to diarrhea which isn't fun. ... (48 replies)
... Splenda gives me headaches and Maltitol gives me cramps so they can't be good for you. Hello :nono: _________________ (14 replies)
... Frankly, I think aspartame is much more unhealthy. But then...there's big bucks in aspartame, splenda and such... ... (14 replies)
... I was more concerned about some of the recent studies pointing to Splenda not being as benign as I thought. ... (14 replies)
... For people who are sensitive to aspartame, sucralose and yeccchy saccharine, I recommend the very cheap cyclamates (sodium or calcium) which is available in most of the civilized world. Those in the U.S.A. have to order it from Canada (and bite the lower lip over shipping charges). It's about the same price as saccharine and cheaper than sucralose (Splenda). I've been... (14 replies)
... Well you didn't ask me but I will answer anyway. :D Sucralose/Splenda does make me sick. I get bloating and constipation combined with diarreah, and feelings of exhaustion (no energy) and its lasts for exactly 2 1/2 days after I consume it. I can easily connect these symptoms directly to the sucralose as I document everything I consume daily, including times. It also... (14 replies)
... ubie, I've done YEARS (decades really) of experimenting on myself with cyclamates, saccharine (poison...eccccch!), aspartame (Nutrasweet) and recently sucralose (Splenda)....even mixed in bizarre combinations. I have a sensitive lower colon ( and some recent posts have twinged it ;):D...I'm sure you know which) But really these non-food sweetners have no effect at... (14 replies)
... n result in HbA1c elevation. Apprarently, it can result in diarrahea in some people. Certainly I was disappointed and it's too bad, because I was a big user of Splenda until I read about a little more on some of the possible effects. I have gone back to a tsp or two of brown sugar in place of what I once used Splenda on. ... (14 replies)
... Hey folks! FYI: If you are having the terrible symptoms most of you have described, please be aware that MANY sugar free products on the market that are labeled SPLENDA (because it is the newest trend) are largely sweetened with sugar alcohols (IE sorbitol, maltitol, xylitol, isomalt, etc...) these will cause extreme discomfort, gas, diarrhea, and are labeled with a warning... (9 replies)
Fake sugars
May 26, 2004
... Some people have significant adverse reactions to Splenda such as gas and diarrhea. I absoloutely cannot take the stuff nor can my sister or her husband. ... (4 replies)

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