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For eight months now, I've had the same symptoms with some relief that doesn't seem to last. The symptoms are: audible stomach and intestinal noises and growling (sometimes I can even feel the weird movement), a ridiculous amount of belching typically when the noises flare up, a gnawing hunger pain that persists even when I'm not hungry right in the upper center part of my abdomen, and insane bloating and distention. I also noticed I get very fatigued when the flare-ups happen. Sometimes it's also accompanied by a burning or regular pain in the upper center abdomen.

Oddly enough, it's much worse on an empty stomach. Eating seems to hold it over for a couple hours but then the stomach growls and gas come back.

DGL Ultra and Pepto-Bismol seem to improve the symptoms but definitely have yet to rid of them for good. I've tried upping probiotics usage, some antacids, diet change, and more with no success. I've already had IBS and lactose intolerance for years but didn't have these particular symptoms until January so it seems unrelated.

I've found a ton of people complaining that they too have these problems for even years but very few have found a solution. Most seem to end up getting diagnosed with either gastritis or H. Pylori.

Is anyone also suffering with these symptoms or did and found a solution? It's getting really uncomfortable to deal with.

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