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Since like the beginning of September this year my stomach hasn't been feeling right. My first few symptoms involved indigestion,coughing, and my throat got really sore one night. I had a barium esophogram done and everything came out normal. After that my symptoms subsided a bit but they recently came back like 3 weeks ago. For a constant 3 weeks I've been feeling hunger pains. When I eat I feel satisfied for a bit and then like over a course of an hour or two I become hungry again. I also feel the need to yawn constantly to get a full breath and my lower stomach feels completely empty, it feels like everything is trapped in my chest.My doctor has said its acid reflux as I had it last year too(during finals, was stressed). But now its come back and won't go away(Im been on pro-tonics, take tums, zantac) and nothing is helping. I'm a really anxious person and borderline hypochondriac and I am very scared this is stomach cancer. I had a H. Pylori test done back when I had the initial symptoms and it came out negative. What could this be!? I have an endoscopy scheduled for December 16, I just hope my symptoms don't get worse, I am very scared.

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