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Hey All,

For about a month now I've been getting a fluttering sensation in my lower to mid esophagus. Kinda feels like a heart flutter but clearly part of the digestive tract.

There is no heartburn associated with it, although I had two serious bouts of it about the time these sensations became a regular occurance a month ago.

Occasionally If I can manage a small belch the sensation temporarily subsides.

I have found that maalox seems to help reduce the symptoms but again, I have not had any hearburn associated with this.

They symptoms are very obvious when I am awake but they have yet to wake me up at night.

However, in the past I have aspirated in my sleep with no warning. the acid just rolled up my throat.

The continued symptoms are bothersome as they are reminscent of heart flutters and symptoms of heart problems I have had in the past. so bothersome, in fact that my stress level is way elevated to the occasional point of panic response.

I am on a host of cardiac meds, including Toprol, Cozaar, Zetia, Crestor, Plavix and asprin. I've been on some of these meds for over a year and most of them 9 months.

Any thots or ideas as to what it is I'm experiencing? Is it possible that some how gas or pressure is triggering spasms in the esophagus?

I'd really appreciate some idea of what this might be....too stressful to thinkg of all the negative possibilities.


Hello Rick.....First of all, you should see a Gastroenterologist who can do the necessary exams to find out what "is going on in your gut". Aspirin, especially if you are taking it daily for anti-platlet aggregation can cause ulcers anywhere along the G.I. Tract {Esophagus, Stomach Lining). The fluttering sensations that you feel as well as that experience you once had with an aspiration of acid might be due to a problem with the muscle contractions of your Lower Esophageal Sphincter(muscle between the end of your Esophagus and beginning of your Stomach entrance). Any of these possibilities or others CAN ONLY BE DIAGNOSED BY A GOOD GASTROENTEROLOGIST BASED ON A THOROUGH EXAM.

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