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I am currently 19 years of age and have had major gas troubles since I hit puberty. My doctor simply told me it was IBS after my upper GI and SB follow through came up negative. She didn't prescribe me any medication since my bowel movements were regular. I've tried EVERYTHING! I can't seem to pinpoint what foods cause my gas because I get gas at the most random of times. Sometimes I'll get gas after eating a certain food one day and the next day i'll eat the exact same food and be fine. Sometimes if i eat a food at noon i'll get gas and at night if i eat the same food I wont get gas. Things like that. Most gas comes either after a meal or on an empty stomach sometimes and I know this is not normal since some days I can pass gass over fifty times a day, sometimes much more! Of course there are better days. At the discretion of previous help boards, I've started taking peppermint 3 times a day and a digestive enzyme after every meal, but I still have unusually large amounts of gas. Its not as bad as it was before, but it is somewhat bad. I tried ALL over the counter gas medicines to no avail and acidophilus doesn't help at all either. I eat yogurt all the time, I eat very healthily, but I sitll have gas. I can't live my life like this, IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO??? Could my gas be due to anxiety? Many times when I go out with friends the first thing I fear is that I'll suddenly have gas and i find that I am gas-free whenever i'm not thinking about it at all, but only sometimes. Usually it doesn't seem to be a problem when i'm having fun with friends. I know its not stress-related because I am having a great summer and the gas hasn't changed from when I was struggling with mid-terms and such. Do I even have IBS? My doctor pretty much brushed me off and Id rather see what you all have to say before running to a doctor again Anyway, like i said before, I can't pinpoint my gas to particular foods since its so random. Does anyone know why i have such large quantities of gas? Is it because of anxiety? I haven't tried any prescriptions yet besides a few anti-spasmodics which worked miracles the first few weeks and then lost effectiveness. Those were the only medications my doctor gave me and she won't give me anything else. Anyway, this is really a big deal to me so all help is appreciated, thanks!

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