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gypsy, thanks for responding I have been sick now for like three and half weeks. I still have not gone to ER because I am not in ecruciating pain just very uncomfortable and feeling very bloated. I have started to run a low grade fever and still no appetite at all. If I do try to eat something, it comes back up. I also seem to be having a terrible time with diarhea. I am not eating much but sure go alot.4-5 times a day. Bright yellow and very oily. Still no word from this DR as to any results from the tests I have (CT scan and ultrasound of GB)had other then to tell me I had extremely elevated lipase levels and that was two weeks ago. If I have pancreatitis, dont you think he should be doing something for me by now. Is it possible the elevated lipase levels and not have pancreatitis because this did not come on suddenly and is not going away. I dont call this excruciatingly painful, just very uncomfortable. I dont know what else to do for myself and this DR hasnt done anything except spend my money. Did you esperience anything like this. I dont drink or do drugs, shoot I am even afraid to take an asprin or tylenol because it makes my stomach hurt worse. really getting concerned thesse days. any reply appreciated.
I am the pancreatitis queen! LOL!

See a different Dr ASAP!
Do NOT let this go any longer without treatment...
Oily Stool and elevated Lipase levels are a sure sign of pancreatitis! ( of course there may be another reason I don't know about...)
It should be obvious if you had a blood test checking your lipase, Amalylas, and Triglyceride levels.
IF you let it go too long you can damage your pancreas ! Your pancreas produces insulin, and without that you would become diabetic, and dependant on insulin shots.( something you DO NOT Want!)
Please see a different Dr as soon as you can!
In the mean-time...drink LOTS of water- it will help flush your system out.
(stay away from sugars, even natural juices for now)
You probably don't have much pain because you have not been eating much....Fasting is the best thing you can do. Solid foods will only stress your pancreas more.
If you are hospitalized they would hook you up to an IV to rehydrate you, and get you nutrients without having to stress your pancreas with digestion.
They let my pancreatitis go for weeks before they figured it out the first time, which caused me to be in ICU, and the hospital for weeks. I was unable to eat for 8 weeks altogether!( I did not drink, smoke, or do drugs, and ate relatively healthy- I have a rare disorder that prevents my body from breaking down fats and sugars- which build up in my system and stress out my pancreas)
Please feel free to ask any more questions...

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