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I've experienced this about 6-9 times in my life, and in my case it was always the result of either eating different kinds of foods and/or more food than my stomach was accustomed to handling at that time, OR eating unusual foods OR eating too close to bedtime OR ingestion of some bad germ in the food itself, OR flu bugs that caused the stomach to "shut down".

In each case, there was one common thread: the stomach could not handle the food, and seemed to "shut down." I interpreted the resulting rotten egg burps as a sign that the food had been held in the stomach for too long a time, and instead of being digested, actually began to go bad, to turn rotten. This is an explanation that is consistent with "hygienic" eating philosophies--that if you overeat, or eat the wrong combination of foods, etc., food will "rot" in your gut.

Otherwise, I'm very healthy--have been a vegetarian for over 35 years, mostly a vegan for several years, so it isn't "lack of raw veggies" which some here have said would "deodorize" the gut. I looked this up online today because I am suffering from this today, after a horrible illness yesterday which may have been either a flu bug or something I ate.

Usually fasting for most of the day and then taking a large dose of powdered vitamin C with powdered calcium lactate and powdered magnesium oxide in a lot of water (NOW brand vitamins sells these) when the stomach feels ready to let go of its contents solves it for me, but yesterday it didn't work. I hate to use commercial pharmaceuticals, OTC or other, because I see them as usually just treating symptoms, not causes, and tending to result in dependencies.

I hadn't vomited in 20 years until yesterday morning. I had woken up with nausea at 1:30 am, actually passed out and fell enroute to bathroom, could hardly move I felt so awful. Had an explosive BM, but stomach still felt full. Back to bed and felt worse and worse until I finally let myself vomit at 10:30 am. Felt much better afterwards, but did not clear everything out of my stomach. Previous night's dinner was still coming up in small amounts when burping. Slept almost all day, had to work a few hours in the evening, felt awful the whole time, nauseous, tired. DEAD tired when I get this. The toxins must really overload the body. Can hardly stand up. Ate nothing all day. In the past, just fasting until the problem subsided was the way to get rid of it, but this time it did not seem to be improving. Finally, last night I tried Alka Seltzer, which helped very little but somewhat. Then 2 hours later tried Kaopectate, and it seemed to help a lot. The rotten egg burps stopped for hours. Felt like the stomach was no longer holding anything up.

Had not eaten all day yesterday. Some diarrhea in small bits every few hours. This morning, ate watermelon hoping it would push out the residue from the g.i. tract. This had worked in the past. But this time, it seemed to contribute to the return of the burps midday today. A few hours later, tried some Kombucha tea, which is loaded with acidophilus and other probiotics. It seemed to only make the burps worse. Tonight I just ate some yogurt and drank buttermilk. Will not eat til tomorrow.
[QUOTE=Crackersthecat;3355791]I woke up with these rotten egg burps you all know about if you are reading this. The day before I had bad stomach cramps, wanted to throw up but didn't. It was the first time for me to have them burps, I hope the last. It was strange, exciting, new and very gross to me so I looked it up on the net seems a lot of people get it. I'm not sure what made me sick, bad food, a virus, a parasite or what have you. By the end of the day the burps did not go away. I stopped eating around 8pm. Normaly I eat your standard amount of junk food and anything else I want. The next morning I still had them, dam it. I remembered reading in a herb book that garlic is a natural antibiotic and generaly good for you. So thinking there was some bug I had to kill, I got a big clove of garlic and cut it into six pieces. I swallowed, not chewed, one piece every twenty minutes or so with water and or plane hot green tea, on an empty stomach. It's easy, just put a little water in your mouth, pop in some garlic and swallow with more water. Right away the egg taste changed to a garlic taste, this was much much better. I just drank green tea and water and swallowed garlic for about two hours. Shortly after all the garlic was gone, the garlic taste and egg taste were both gone too. I thought the garlic would stick around for a bit, but for me it didn't. It's been a week and it's been gone. If it comes back I'll try this again. This is cheap and easy, and garlic is much nicer the rotten eggs.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, oddly I came to the same conclusion with the garlic.

I've had this 'disorder' since I was little, I remember seeing the school doctor about it when I was about 10, and she suggested I was making it up so I could go home early! I suppose 'nasty tasting burps' doesn't sound too serious :)

It disappeared completely, and randomly reappeared last year. Since then I have had other pretty bad digestive problems in general like acid reflux, bloating, etc as well. Also if I go travelling somewhere with foreign food I get really constipated, for like, weeks...

Anyway, now I get the rotten egg bug about once a month or so, usually after I have eaten a lot, and normally after eating bread/cereals/sweet things. There seems to be several factors involved:

1. If I'm stressed
2. If it's late in the evening, 2-4 hrs after eating
3. If I've had a lot to eat, and been sitting still for a long period afterwards

I had a checkup with the doc, who didn't take me very seriously and said it was just IBS, and prescribed me peppermint oil! I had a test done for giardia aswell, which came up negative.

First time this reappeared last year, I became very ill...the burping/bloating carried on all night, I woke up the next day feeling horrible and spent the day throwing up and with diarhea. The disgusting taste only subsided late that day, but the diarrhea/vomiting stayed for a few days. Not nice.

Next time I had it I tried the garlic, as I knew it was supposed to kill nasties in your stomach, and I thought it was a parasite causing it. Straight afterward the burping no longer tasted as bad (agree with the above poster the garlic taste drowns out the rotten egg and is MUCH preferable), and no vomiting or diarrhea. Now I do the same everytime I get the slightest hint of it, which I still do regularly. 3 cloves is enough. It doesn't always take the taste/smell away straight away but it always works within a few hours. I've also heard taking vinegar can help.

Also EXCERSISE aids digestion. So try going for a jog, then when you get back take 3 cloves of garlic. If you're like me, this will completely clear you up overnight and the next day you'll be fine.

Hope this helps someone

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