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i've had gastritis, ulcer symptoms(not sure if I have one but feels like it),
reflux (LPR diagnosed) and constant problems with digestion for years:blob_fire

The one thing I have found that helped me with my burning is Manuka Honey --it's really amazing how it helped in a couple days after weeks of stomach burning and not being able to eat much of anything.
I bought it online and you may be able to find in health food stores. I would suggest trying it, plus it tastes good, thicker than regular honey though.

Oh yeah, alcohol is a big No No. I keep trying to sneak a beer now and then, but it won't let me get away without severe symptoms. even ONE beer. It's very sad, cuz I like a beer or nice glass of wine now and then, but it doesn't doesn't work with gastritis or acid reflux.
You can sneak a bad food now and then, but I've not known anyone to be able to drink alcohol successfully with this kinda problem. Not Fair.:yawn:

good luck in feeling better soon.
I hear ya.
I just had a beer after a long week and wanted one :blob_fire
immediately got the burning. no surprise.
so took a teaspoon of manuka honey and it's better already!
Now I know everyone's different but this is the only thing that has even helped with my burning symptoms, so i hope you give it a try.
there's lotsa info on line about it, and you may be able to find it in a store if you're in a bigger city area.
good luck. I know this is no fun:mad:
Katie; my son in law has Celiac disease. He can't drink beer but be does drink wine. He follows a strict diet of gluten free foods. He also has reflux and I think he takes Nexim for that.

I have have chronic gastritis for over ten years now - 24/7 most times.

About three weeks ago, I started what I call Harry's Regimen. After ten years of prescribed medication, OTC meds, herbal and alternative meds, I decided to give it one more try. And during this time, I saw 4 gastro specialists and had seveal scopes throughout these years. The only diagnosis was chronic gastritis.

Although the burning is still with me, I am not bothered so much during the day or waking hours. My bad time is it wakes me up in the early AM. But today it was 5AM instead of 2-3AM.

Daily I take:

4 Mastic Gum tablets (2 at 11Am and 2 at 4Am or before I go to bed).
4 Magneisum/Calicum tablets (2 with breakfast, 2 with dinner)
A digestive enzyme with each meal
An anti-oxidant, one per day
CQ10 - 2 per day
Manuka Honey (1 tsp after meals)

I drink 1/2 cup of Kerfir every other day and eat yougart every day.
When I go to the heath food store this week, I'm going to buy some probiotics and add that to my daily regimen.

I don't drink coffee or alcohol and miss both but I rather feel good.

I have a decent diet and do not eat anything I find hard to digest. I don't eat beef at all and only eat wheat pasta.

I'm not 100 percent yet but I am definately 75% better than I was three weeks ago.

Hope this helps. Maybe Harry can add to this if he thinks there are other supplements that may help.

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