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The doctors told me I had viral gastroenteritis about a month ago. Stomach ache, rotten egg burps, watery diarrhea and gurgly intestines for two days. Then every three to ten days since then, I get the rotten egg burps and a stomach ache in the evening, then sure enough I wake up with watery diarrhea for a few hours until everything is cleared out. I am fine for a three to ten days then it comes back again, same symptoms.

My family got sick with vomiting/diarrhea about a week and a half after my first bout of diarrhea, but they all seem to have gotten over it. My 2 Ĺ year old daughter had diarrhea once about a week ago, but now seems fine. My son was born six weeks before the diarrhea started and I had a few panic attacks (hyperventilating, no chest pain) the first week of diarrhea, but they said it was due to stress and I havenít had panic attacks since then or before the diarrhea.

Is my digestive system just out of wack? Or is there something else wrong with me?

Does anyone have any suggestions that might help me?

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