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For around two months now I have noticed a distention of some sort in my upper abdomen. It is located directly above the navel and its length is across the entire upper front. I am a 23 slender female so it's pretty noticible. The upper abdomen sticks out probably 1/2 an inch to one inch further than the bottom. It is also very firm to touch, hard as a rock. However when I lie down on my back I can't see it anymore, and I can view my normal ab muscle line again.

Since I've noticed this, my appetite has been horrible, but I still eat like normal, and yet I've lost ten pounds in the past two months. Not every day, but pretty much, I have a constant dull pain right at the bottom of my ribs on my right side/back. This is also making my breathing harder. My breathing is like it was when I was pregnant, I feel like something is always pushing on me. I can eat just a few bites of something and feel stuffed. Also having daily dizziness.

I've dealt with constipation problems my entire life, and I eat the daily amount of fiber needed and yet still have to take Colon Cleanse pills or I can't go. I never take stimulants in fear of becoming addicted.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or have any clues to what it could be? I'm worried of a bowel obstruction or tumor of some sort. I plan to go to the dr. in two weeks or so due to money issues, as I have no insurance. Just wanting some answers until then.
I had the upper abdomen swelling along with other digestive problems. They removed my gallbladder and while I am not a fan of yanking it out unless necessary, I no longer have the upper abdominal swelling. Some nights I thought i might pop and I am also slender in the middle, so I looked very odd with that swelling in the top half only.

Typical symptoms are upper right sided pain and into the back/shoulder blades. I didn't have those symptoms but my gallbladder wasn't functioning at all after being tested. I suppose this is something you should investigate further with your physician.

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