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1 year ago-very vague back pain lying down about level
T10 slightly right of spine. Bought a new mattress, went to chiropractor - no relief. Primary doctor ordered CT scan - normal. Pain got worse, brought me to tears - Went to ER at 3am begging for tests. Gave me Percocet. Ironic - if I went begging for Percocets - they'd probably say no gotta do tests.
Noticed one day without eating, no pain. Told doctor i think its an ulcer or colon problem , can I see GI doc ? - everyone knows how much doctors love when we tell them what we think - tells me I'm too young (44) and probably just constipated and I need an MRI. He orders it I wanted to tell him Katie Curics husband was 42 when died of colon ca but don't want to start a fight. Months between appts - dragging on in pain. Got MRI- normal.
Find out from hospital that most back pain gets better when you lie down, pain that wakes you up at night is a tumor, infection or not your spine at all and to diagnosis those, MRI needs to be ordered with contrast. Mine was not since it was just ordered by primary so BIG waste of money. 6 months into this, started belching alot. Can I see GI doc ? Instead primary gave me Prevised which helped alot and back pain got better but kept coming back when I'd stop. Switched primary docs and finally got referral to GI. Upper & lower endoscopy showed gastritis.
GI doc said back pain is gas. Started Nexium and GasX (when bad- gotta take 2 or 3) but all better.
Relieved to have had upper & lower scopes. Important to find good GI -I'll get all my doctors on word of mouth from now on. You don't have to go to the one primary suggests, probably means he plays golf with him. Ask people around. There are big differences - some dont' talk to you after the test or even call you, making you wait month for next appt. GOOD LUCK to all of you.

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