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[QUOTE=tired47;3276199]Hi Ladies,
i hope you all get better soon, DO NOT give up and find a Dr. who will do a Hida scan.... I only found out about my Gallbladder when I finally found someone who listened and was not interested in giving me another pill. the first Dr. told me I was going thru menopause, then panic attacks, then it was depression ...and so on. I still have some discomfort in my chest, but not the squeezing pressure unbearable at times. Anyway, watch your diet, keep a food diary, does fats, grease make it worse??? And see a cardiologist... My Gi doctor sent me to cardiologist just to make sure and that is a load off my mind ( all normal).
Bottom line... don't give up!!! I am so glad I did not, I feel better now than I have in almost a year. Find someone who will listen!!!!!!!!!!!! And good luck to all, God bless![/QUOTE]

Thanks, Tired47! I definitely intend to find a doctor who will listen and won't brush off potentially important tests like a HIDA scan. (I actually had a HIDA scan when I was seeing another GI doc, but they forgot to do the CCK injection part!) I really want to find someone who will listen...that's for sure! I've had enough of these smug male GI docs who act like we're just crazy females...uggh! As for the cardio stuff-- I had an episode where I fainted from pain, nausea and just general anxiety about 8 months ago. At first they thought it was my heart. They ran all these tests in the hospital and my heart was fine-- great even. As one of the techs said, "Your heart won't always be this good." I asked what that meant, and he said, "You're young (I'm 32) so you have a good heart. I guess that's one worry I can check off my list!

I've been keeping a food diary for the past week and a half-- including the supplements I've been taking (herbs, probiotics, etc.) and how certain meals make me feel. The thing is, I don't eat fatty foods anymore. I have some fat in my diet, but not much. And yet I am still getting some stomach pain, fullness, bloating, etc. It's hard, because I'll have some good days where I'll feel like I'm on the mend, and then the next day I'll get full, bloated and nauseous from eating the very same thing that did nothing to me two days before...weird!

When my insurance changes over in January and I get a PPO, I full intend to self refer (can't do that with HMO's) to some docs that my friends have suggested. The good thing is, if I don't like them, I can keep looking for new docs. Being in an HMO is very limiting, unfortunately.

Niecsey-- how are you feeling?

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