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Hey I have alot of the same problems. I have alot of stomach pain at the top either the left side or the right side and it goes into my chest. I have had my gallbladder out and just the other night I was in the ER for some of the same stuff. They think I may have had the flu and so they gave me a shot for the nuasea and vomiting and then some tamaflu and one of them either the shot or the pill gave me gas and I had to go back after like 10 min. cause I was hurting really bad in my chest and the center of my stomacha and it was even going into my back......I was scared. They gave me some maalox and some 7up and after I burped a few times I was fine and they sent me home and then I did fine till about 45 min. later and I was having to take more maalox and some stuff to help me burp more. I still am having pains that radiate from side to side just not as severe. I have been to doctors after doctors and still no one knows anything I have had I tube ran down my stomach and the one ran up the other way plus the ct scans and ultra sounds and xrays and upper gi and lower gi and all that stuff and the only thing they have come to is gerd and I am on donital and aciphex daily and I still have problems. I even had a hysterectomy last month thinking that might help cause I had more problems around that time of the month and so far it still hasn't helped any. I get so frustrated cause people think I am losing my mind and that nothing is wrong with me but there is and I hope sometime soon I can find out what it is cause when your chest hurts like that you think of the worst. And I can't take anything for my nerves or anything like that cause if it causes gas or anything I hurt the whole time I am taking the meds. If you find anything out please pass on your info. I have been going through this for 2 1/2 years and it is stressful.

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