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The problem is your intestines need to be re-colonized or coating with friendly bacteria like acidophilus strains as well as others that produces lactic acid to kill off bad bacteria as well as help digestion --

Activia is a yogurt that is used for constipation. And,regular yogurt may help but may not have enough of the friendly bacteria cultures to really do the job.

Several Probiotics will work --- Pearls by Enzymatic Therapy, Culturelle, Primal Defense, PB-8 and Bifidus-- taken on an empty stomach--- so the stomach acids don't destroy them. I take all of these daily.

Foods like meats contain antibiotics (unless organic) , as well as taking antibiotics, birth control pill, chlorinated water, as well as too much processed foods that contains excess preservatives, too much salty as well as sugary foods, alcohol, stress and the list goes on -- that makes your intestines not as healthy as they once were when younger.

Excess gas as well as bloating just means your gastrointestinal tract is not as healthy as it could be!!

You know the inside of your intestines are not part of your body but are trying to digest food and you may also need some digestive enzymes -- Omega Zyme works well-- there are others.

I wish you well---Harry

If you want to make your intestines healthy -- you have to feed your intestines healthy food. Yoplait yogurt is not organic so the milk that it was made from probably came from cows that were given antibiotics and growth harmones as well as given feed that contained preservatives & herbacides. So, if you start our with an unhealthy material -- it certainly is not going to get better by fermenting it into a yogurt and adding acidophilus and fruit flavoring.

I suggest you get an organic yogurt that is made with more wholesome milk & has added more other culture strains. I like and use Stonyfield Farm but there are others on the market.

A probiotic like acidophilus decreases in its potency by heat and it does not do well in stomach acids. So, when buying acidophilus caps or pills get one that is refrigerated and take it on an empty stomach. Pearls by Enzymatic Therapy is a good brand that will re-colonize your intestines. I also like Culturelle. I have read that the intestinal cells die and are sloughed off every 14 days.

Since about 70% of your immunity originates in the gastrointestinal tract, it is very important to keep them functioning well and healthy.


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