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I definitely can relate to what you are going through! You are not alone and if you're case is bizarre then I'm right there with you.

I had my gallbladder removed December 9th and here is what I'm going through...

Ususally I wake up in the morning feeling just a tad bit of nausea. Not usually a big deal. Most of the time I do not or can't eat breakfast. If I eat in the morning it's sure to get things off to a bad start. I have the feeling of pressure and tightness in my chest and upper abdomen.

I burp so much, it's ridiculous. It's very embarassing as most times, it comes completely unexpectedly and with a lot of force behind it. A lot of times it's like this sort of hiccup, where my abdomen jerks, followed immediately by a burp. It's weird and sometimes painful. I told my doctor yesterday that if I could have one day where I didn't burp 500 times, it would be a miracle. He said acid reflux is causing this. Not everytime, but quite often, after eating, I end up with some discomfort, or just outright pain, in the upper part of my back, ribs, and even shoulders that I assume are from gas.

My diet is low in fat and consists of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. I eat small portions and do not eat fried foods, chocolate, caffeine, absolutely no carbonated drinks, and for the most part no tomatoes.

Been off an on different medications for acid reflux over the past few months. Prilosec for a couple weeks, Nexium for a month, and now Prevacid for the last couple weeks. Took Carafate for 3 weeks as well a couple months ago and started taking it again yesterday. Nothing is helping!

It's not enough pain to send me to the emergency room, just enough to drive me crazy. Oddly enough, laying down or sometimes just sitting, will cause my symptoms to ease up.

Syptoms include:
*upper abdominal tenderness (breastbone to navel)
*chest discomfort - not severe but can't focus on much
else when this is occuring
-sometimes feels like my chest and everything up
to my throat feels tight
*back aches in the center and upper portion
*right side tightness and tenderness - not convinced that my gb is gone

Next week I'm having an upper endoscopy because my doctor thinks my symptoms are related to acid reflux. Going to the general surgeon that removed my gallbladder for the EGD. I'm afraid he will find something wrong and also afraid that nothing will be found. Then where will that leave me?

Yes, this has all started to give me a great deal of anxiety. I'm obsessing over it because I don't feel well so I think about it all the time. I'm 26 years old and prior to all these issues starting over 8 months ago I'd been in perfect health. Now, 4 months after the gallbladder surgery, I feel worse than ever and am worried that things will never get back to normal.

Sorry this was so long, I'm just needing to vent. Gosh, I'm so frustrated right now. I need answers, and soon, before I go crazy!
[QUOTE=jns1022;4232105]It seems as though I can't be up walking around, or doing anything for that matter, without the belching starting. I've given up on exercising the past couple months because it always makes me start burping. Do you have any trouble with hiccups? I'm getting them a lot more frequently than I ever have. It feels like I have so much pressure and gas in my chest and back. Also having a bit of a burning sensation in my chest on a regular basis.

Went shopping with a friend yesterday and it was not fun. Like the belching fits, walking around, or even just eating makes my back ache. It's like the back ache that you describe. I think it's impossible not to be obsessed with it. Friends and family keep telling me I'm making it worse by thinking about it all the time. Well, if they had five minutes in my body, to feel what I'm going through, I'm sure they'd be more sympathetic.

Guess I'm getting ready to go through all of the test you have already had. It worries me that we are having much of the same symptoms and you still don't have a definite diagnosis. I have read up on sphincter of oddi dysfunction and I guess it is a possibility.

I'm trying to stay positive and hope that the upper endoscopy reveals something or if it is really acid reflux, that my doctor figures out a combination of meds that will work for me. After taking several different PPIs, and no success, I'm worried. Anyway, guess I have no choice but to just trust in my doctor currently and go from there.

Gigi, thank you for your support. I'm here to listen too when you need to vent. Misery loves company, right? Can't imagine dealing with this for 2 years like you've had to do. Please keep me updated on what you find out and I will most definitely do the same for you.[/QUOTE]

If you search the net there are so many people out there that have the same symptoms and doctors can't give them any answers and always blame it on IBS or acid reflux. I am thinking this has to do with Bile - bile is always coming from the liver no matter if you have a meal or not. You no longer have a gall bladder to take in the excess for storage so now it settles in your stomach which irritates the stomach wall. That is why I had the gastritis. They also found some extra bile in my stomach during the endoscopy. The back pain is from the gas - anytime your stomach is full of gas the muscles tighten up. I was fine after the surgery but once a month I would go through the indigestion and belching (tightening of the stomach). Then about 9 months after my surgery it got worse because anxiety set it. I kept thinking anxiety is doing this but after several months of meditation and relaxation I knew this could not be anxiety. All the testing drove me crazy. I always thought the worse because it really felt like a battle was going on in the stomach. When they did the endoscopy and only found one small thing wrong I was shocked because the bloating and horrible feelings I was going through.

I have to plan my days now. I have to eat oatmeal or half a piece of toast in a.m. - exercise for 45 minutes (hope I get through the exercise ok without belching). Then do all my morning activities because after lunch I am useless. It can be 10 minutes or 1/2 hour after I eat that the belching will start. I dread eating lunch!:dizzy: Dinner is ok. I don't have hiccups but it probably because of the belching so many times in a day. I bet your gastro doctor will tell you "belching is caused by swallowing air" - that is a bunch of crap.

I still feel there is hope and I am going to find that answer. I will write a book afterwards lol.

When I looked up Sphinctor of oddi it described a horrible pain enough to send you to the ER and other people have described it that way. I never feel that way - I just have like a back pain in the upper right liver area or I have the belching episodes which sometimes causes me to feel nausea because of the trapped burps in my stomach. The burning in my chest came later and that just started in March.

I used to panic when the war started in my stomach because I thought it might get worse and then i would have to go to the er but I try to take deep calming breaths and relax - it helps a little but at least I am not crying as much as I used to. I kept crying thinking my life is over at 42. It is fearing the unknown is why the anxiety gets worse so I want some logical answers to my questions so when I go to John Hopkins I am going to get some answers.
I had my gallbladder removed about 4 years ago now, and I'm the worst kind of patient. First, I was only 23 when it was removed, but I had been having gallbladder attacks for 5 years beforehand. Of course I didn't know that's what it was, my ex used to get very frustrated with me staying up all night in pain and throwing up in the morning. I am and have been fairly in shape and fit-active as well. (they say with absolutely no history of gallbladder disease in my family mine was most likely caused by not eating for a few years in highschool-parents put me on adderall for ADD but the dosage was too high and I got down to 100lbs at 5'7"- I stopped the drug cold turkey and that's what did it) I did go to the doctor once for the pain and they insisted it was an inflamed rib and sent me home with naproxen. Finally after 5 years I did my own research and insisted on an ultrasound, low and behold I was correct and they immediately scheduled me for surgery.

My gallbladder was in such bad shape that my surgeon requested to use it in his published paper.

The worst part about having it removed was that no one told me anything. No info whatsoever on diet or how not having a gallbladder would affect my body or digestion. So I ate like I normally did after the surgery, which turned out to be a huge mistake - probably went through about 6 bottles of pepto bismol before figuring it out. I had to figure out my own diet, and it works. I don't really eat anything that special, just stay away from greasy foods and try to eat healthy - I've found that when I have cravings its usually best to eat what I crave. I've almost completely lost my sweet tooth, except when extra "medicated" (see below paragraph) and not sure if that has anything to do with anything. My blood sugar is normal and except for having my gallbladder removed I am perfectly healthy (so they say, but after the rib incident I'm more sensitive to potential problems that could mean something bigger)

Ever since that surgery I've had nausea pretty regularly. Not usually enough to throw up, just enough to bother me and be really annoying. Sometimes eating helps, and sometimes I can't even think about eating, it's not very regular. Sometimes I wake up with nausea, sometimes it doesn't hit until the afternoon and no drug save one seems to help - I burp a lot when my stomach is upset or nauseous as well. The only drug that has been effective for me in curing the burping and the nausea is marijuana. Luckily I live in a state that has a medical marijuana program so it's only federally illegal. I don't smoke except when I need it and it is the only drug I take anymore. (ive never done any sort of recreational drug before this) I don't even need to smoke enough to get noticeably high for it to work.

I also have back pain that I didn't realize was even related, but I can't even get through doing a load of dishes without it. Of course my "medication" helps this as well.
I've always ignored pain - it's a problem and not something to be proud of, since it has caused me to put off seeing doctors for various problems.

I'm not trying to get anyone to smoke something illegal, but it does help me. It doesn't make me want any other crazy sort of drugs like crack or something, it's not scary or bad. I just made sure to ask for the kind that effects your body more than your mind. I get mine from state regulated dispensaries, they're always very helpful in suggesting types. I keep fruit and other good snacks around for the "munchies" it causes, but I never eat enough to be considered a binge.

Other than that, I hold down a great job and my life is pretty normal. I exercise about 5 times a week and I usually feel pretty good. I even indulge in greasy foods sometimes and just keep a bottle of pepto handy - this may be a mistake I don't know enough to know if this is actually hurting me long-term.

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