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Thank you SOOOO MUCH for your replys!! I go in on March 12th for an edoscope so hoping to get some answers. i guess i have blamed it on the years of skipping breakfast and drinking a huge Caffe late on an empty stomach.... also having a glass or two of wine while cooking dinner, also on an empty stomach. It's my own fault!! Now I can't drink either without feeling ill... so i don't!!

What is very interesting is I also often feel like I am hungry even though i have just eaten a large meal. It makes me feel better when i eat (as long as its the right things). Interestingly i can eat grapefruit and it doesn't bother me... not sure why. I just have a odd hunger type of burning feeling through the night when my stomach is empty. Even when i take my Rabeprazole in the morning... it doesn't go away. When i eat it feels better. Never have I has even the slightest stomach problems ever before.

How do people get hiatal Hernias? I hope that this all goes away in time! I don't believe the meds are working at all...although i have way less gas (almost none) but am now burping sometimes. My gastro Dr thinks it is nothing at all and just from stress. We have had a very tragic year after loosing my husbands sister to cancer. She was so young (44) and left behind two precious young daughters. It's all so heartbreaking. So not sure if it's even an ulcer? Do my symptoms seem like an ulcer?

Thanks again for all the replys!! It's wonderful to have found a group to help understand it all.

Any other thoughts, comments... please don't hesitate to post.

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