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Hi BigEd....I saw your post and noticed you said you've been having a lot of belching the last few months. I was wondering if it has improved at all, or you still have it, and if you have figured out why? I know you have some other symptoms with it...

About 4 months ago I literally started excessive belching one day out of nowhere. It seemed like it came with some nausea...then the nausea eventually went away but the belching has persisted everyday since then. I burp on an empty stomach, but it's definitely worse when eating or drinking ANYTHING. Just a sip of water will make me belch, and I just don't understand why and how this could appear out of nowhere. I've seen a GI doc (2 actually). I've had a normal endoscopy with negative biopsies, normal abdominal ultrasound, normal blood, normal barium swallow....I'm at a loss. I really just want an answer. I've heard it all..."stress", "swallowing air"..."it's just happening". It's hard to believe it's just happening without a reason, and that I just woke up one day after 31 years and started swallowing so much air to cause such excessive belching.

I've scared myself beyond belief...convinced myself I've had every type of cancer (which has mostly been ruled out now) and now I just think I have some mystery illness we'll never get to the bottom of.

So...I was hoping maybe you had some more info :) If so, please respond!

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