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... It's been just under a week and I am still bloated, its not as bad as it was and the burps come and go but when I do get them the taste is weak as well. ... (6 replies)
... The main problem is my burps get trapped in my stomach daily and it feels like I'm going to fall over. It takes time, but finally it starts... 10 to 20 second burps, it's not fun. ... (0 replies)
... Sounds very much like Gerd/Acid Reflux. Does it occur after eating any particular food. Look up diet for Gerd and try Gaviscon just before your meals. If that dosent help then you should see your Dr as you may need a PPI such as Nexium. Good Luck, Solofelix. (1 replies)

... w minutes all hell broke loose..for a better word or less!. My chest began to burn up on the inside with mild pain,my stomach gurgled and made a lot of noise, my burps were foul and gurgled with a large amount of acid coming up that quite literally waved its way down to my chest again with a burn like sensation... ... (0 replies)
... For almost 4 years I suffered from similar symptoms – horrible smelling burps (smelled like feces), vomiting, and diarrhea. It used to only happen about once a month. Then all of a sudden it was happening every single day. I went about a month and a half not being able to keep anything down. I went to doctor after doctor trying to figure out what was wrong…I kept hearing the... (0 replies)
... ith your pancreas, and I'm diabetic so i'm scared. It seems the treatments are simple but try driving miss daisy around on a gassy day how embarressing. I have acid reflux and I take Nexium for it and it hardly works anyways. ... (0 replies)
... I was treated with 2 kinds of antibiotics and a acid reducer. I've not had this since. ... (40 replies)
... I am still having this issue. And still no results other than Acid Reflux. I plan on trying the garlic. The rotten egg burps are what makes this unbearable. ... (40 replies)
... It disappeared completely, and randomly reappeared last year. Since then I have had other pretty bad digestive problems in general like acid reflux, bloating, etc as well. Also if I go travelling somewhere with foreign food I get really constipated, for like, weeks... ... (40 replies)
... luciesmom, Slow draining stomach due to muscle/nerve dysfunctions are usually classified as Gastroparesis. You'll find lots of information on that on the web if you search for it. The Mayo Clinic, in particular, has a nice article on Gastrpoparesis. As Red60 points out, the idea of insufficient stomach acid is popular among alternative medicine practitioners, but... (3 replies)
... y that you are on the right track. What you are suggesting is very simular to the ideas expressed by many of the alternative medicine practitioners. Low stomach acid causes the the food to set in the stomach for prolonged periods of time. Do you take any anti acid meds? ... (3 replies)
... ing conversation. It's particularly bad when it happens in the car, I've had friends say "whoever is cutting the cheese better stop.." and I know it's me and my acid reflux. ... (40 replies)
... Anyway, haven't had the dreaded burps or the dreaded sickness that followed after the rotten burps for over 2 years now. Acid reflux surgery did for me. If you want my theory on why it fixed it, you will have to search for my other post. ... (40 replies)
Sulphur Burps
Apr 21, 2007
... I started getting these a few months ago. On and off, and so i thought as most people some sort of acid problem, and so did the Dr's out here. ... (12 replies)
... The rotten egg burps i have as well, and technically i have gotten the run around to see whats wrong. I have had the upper G. ... (31 replies)
... ombination of all these factors with LES not funtioning correct or not functioning at all as in my case causes a rare form of gerd that consist of more bile than acid thus why prohibitors and acid blockers do not stop the sickness. ... (16 replies)
... e as this is usually found and corrected at birth. Dr. Barnes then told me that yes it could be corrected and that he thought these symptoms could be blockage or acid and wanted me to start taking acid reflux meds again and that he would schedule me for surgery to correct malrotation. ... (16 replies)
... y on me as I did have from time to time acid reflux or heartburn, nothing out of the usual heartburn, but I did have heartburn and on occasion I did wake up with acid in my throat but that was not very often and I pretty much knew what foods to try and avoid to make it better. ... (16 replies)
... ont beleive i have gerd, but it did help with the belching. Magnesium is necessary for digestion. I heard that the medicines like prilosec and prevacid only stop acid production but u need acid to digest your food. I just got some magnesium oxide tonight from walmart 250mg.. ... (10 replies)
... Sounds like it's the stomach acid traveling back up your esophogus. I get it to. It's a symptom of GERD. ... (10 replies)

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