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... I just recently became aware of these constant acid reflux symptoms that I am experiencing. ... (1 replies)
... Well, I have this problem that my GP basically ignored when I mentioned it. I have a constant bad taste in my mouth. Have had it since December. Before that I was having occasional coughing for months and a tickle in my throat, so my doc gave me Pepcid. ... (1 replies)
... as for meds for the acid reflux, i see my Dr. tomorrow, it'll be my first appointment with him since the tests... i ran into him in the hallway of the office and he told me the results but since it wasn't during an appointment, we didn't talk about anything else.... ... (5 replies)

... anxiety. Whenever I get really upset, it sets off this acid reflux big time, or my hypothyroid aches and pains, TMJ, you name it, it flares. ... (5 replies)
... yes it's just the taste... it doesn't happen all the time.... usually when the actual acid comes up it doesn't taste like that... ... (5 replies)
... I can't feel acid in my throat, just that horrible taste. It comes and goes. Sometimes it's all evening and night, and makes it hard to sleep. ... (5 replies)
... i have had the same taste at times too... sort of metal like sometimes.... gross.... i am also shocked at how many people have acid reflux.... i am 24 years old and a mess... i have acid reflux, most likely IBS still doing testing.... ... (5 replies)
... and then the reflux started in Sept. I started off taking Prilosec, and it worked fairly well for a while. ... (5 replies)
... is acting up and I have heartburn and a little cough and that stomach acid taste in my mouth. but I seriously went to bed thinking my throat was going to close up. ... (1 replies)
... thing new for me. I have been battling hypothyroid since 94 and my TSH levels have been sort of uncontrolled this past year, I'm thinking due to severe stress. In the past month or so I've noticed this occasional feeling in my throat, tight, like the throat muscle aches, or a lump. Causes me to want to swallow lots. ... (2 replies)
IBS? Acid? Help
Mar 27, 2014
... up I just tend to forget about it, but in the midst of it, I find myself so miserable I can barely focus on my work. ... (0 replies)
... My throat issues took a while to heal. I'm a trained singer and I teach music for a living. ... (3 replies)
... metal taste in my mouth or like sumpor ... ... (17 replies)
... or even the throat and mouth. ... (4 replies)
... I'm on prilosec also 40mg in the morning and 20 at night, and I still get a sore throat and acid taste in mouth. I hear it takes up to 8 weeks for medication to take full effect. I'm only on week 2 of the increased dose, so I hope it kicks in pretty soon. ... (1 replies)
... r removed 6 years ago and suffered from bile salt diarrhea ever since, but have successfully controlled it by taking cholestyramine, colestid, and welchol... but in the past 13 months I have had a persistent sour taste in my mouth and a coated tongue, and for the past 30 days have developed a recurring sore throat. ... (11 replies)
... y but the doctors said no it cannot be that so i was wondering could the constant feeling of needing to pass water be because im surely constipated ..i thank you in advance... ... (0 replies)
... All day today since I woke up the back of my tongue and throat have felt swollen. ... (0 replies)
... c many nights I awaken to slight nausea and the feeling that acid is in my throat causing a burning sensation. Is this GERD related, or do you think it could be some other type of digestive disorder. ... (1 replies)
... I actually first noticed the bad metallic taste in my mouth was gone within a couple weeks after surgery, and then over time also noticed the other improvements, e.g. no throat irritation. ... (4 replies)

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