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... What is the rule of thumb for taking acidophilus when you start taking antibiotics? ... (6 replies)
... I've been doing it; I know a lot of people talk about taking the acidophilus/probiotics after finishing a course of antibiotics, but it hasn't affected me negatively thus far (I'm on Day 6 of a two week H Pylori treatment regimen). Plus, with the antibiotics killing off all of the bacteria (good and bad) in your stomach, it's probably good to be preventing the killing of... (2 replies)
... I'm also not a doctor, but I can tell you that I wish I had known to take acidophilus and probiotics during my last course of antibiotics in May! If I ever have to take antibiotics again, I will begin immediately on a regimen of probiotics and eating yogurt. ... (2 replies)

... can you take acidophilus with antibiotics? ... (2 replies)
... How do I know if acidophilus would be beneficial to me? ... (3 replies)
... rry to hear that you feel like you lost your summer...that's terrible! I can relate though. A part of me feels like I've lost the past 8 months....did you take antibiotics as part of the H Pylori treatment? ... (10 replies)
... Unfortunately, antibiotics cause a LOT of problems. They get rid of infections, but they also destroy the good bacteria that helps to keep us healthy. ... (6 replies)
Taking acidophilus
Mar 12, 2009
... will taking acidophilus effect taking antibiotics? ... (0 replies)
... i just got over taking a weeks worth of antibiotics and from what i heard it takes away the good bacteria in in your digestive system, but can this cause for the cramping? ... (3 replies)
... I took a long course of antibiotics in May that caused a reaction I still haven't recovered from! ... (10 replies)
... idk katt, it could be the antidepressants, you never know. i've never been on any so idk really..anyways i looked up antibiotics and what they can do but i couldnt find much myself. just that they kill the good bacteria which usually leads to yeast problems. ... (4 replies)
... Wow, I can really relate to that feeling. I started a thread on this page called "Cholestyramine Users.. Help!", and I've had similar sudden troubles when a medicine I was taking successfully since 2002 was replaced by a new manufacturer last June.... ever since June 30th on the new brand, I have had gas, acid, belching, and now a severe sour taste and coated tongue that lasts... (10 replies)
... Alright, I will have to look into getting some of that acidophilus for sure. I'm calling my doc again tomarrow, I want to see about getting off this Aciphex it dosn't seem to be working anyways. ... (6 replies)
... I'm not sure about all of the probiotics John, but I do know that the Acidophilus is a vitamin that has the beneficial flora in it. It's usually taken for stomach problems. It might be worth a try. ... (6 replies)
... Hi Cj Im a 15 yrs sufferer with chronic Lyme disease as well as co infection and have massive tummy issues all brought on by treatment for lyme both IV and orals.. I suggest you start taking something to protect your belly like acidophilus. eating a yogurt a day or some sort of acid blocker if you're not all ready doing this. As for H Pylori, there are specific drugs to... (3 replies)
... I blelieve that you should continue the probiotic especially if you are taking an antibiotic. The antibiotic will kill the good and bad bacteria. The probiotic continued use will help keep the good bacteria up while the bad bacteria is being killed. (6 replies)
H. Pylori Story
Jan 6, 2003
... If you are taking 6 antibiotics daily, then I would suggest taking Acidophilus caps or eating some live yogurt. Antibiotics will kill off all your good gut bacteria and could give you an upset stomach with diarrhea. ... (10 replies)
Food poisining
Dec 12, 2002
... If you eat some live yogurt or start taking some Acidophilus caps, then this will help to rebalance the good bacteria in your gut and help clear any infection. ... (1 replies)
... Anyways..had an ulcer, was treated with antibiotics BUT docs not up to speed on the necessity to follow this with PROBIOTICS.. ... (81 replies)
Sulphur Burps
Jan 28, 2003
... lly don't think that more antibiotics will be very useful and may just add to all your problems, but I would strongly suggest looking at your diet and taking the Acidophilus capsules to rebalance your gut bacteria. ... (12 replies)

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