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... Spin, Diarrhea can be caused by too much bile reaching the colon -- it is normally absorbed by the small intestines prior to reaching the colon. Some people that have their gallbladder removed put out too much bile that is not absorbed by the small intestines resulting in this type of diarrhea, This may be happening to you with 3 1/2 feet of your small intestine... (4 replies)
... s are rare, but some are real. I am not trying to discourage anyone who needs to have it done. It is often quite necessary. I am trying to balance between the surgery and people who don't have painful gallbladder attacks caused by gallstones. ... (14 replies)
... throughout the day and especially after a meal. Hope that helps you out. ... (15 replies)

... Did the Doc say why the gallbladder adhered to the surrounding tissues? ... (15 replies)
... I've been buying myself time by eating low fat and healthy fats but I think I'm running out of room. My Gallbladder was nonvisual on the HIDA Scan so it seems it's either blocked or minimally functional at all based on my other symptoms. ... (15 replies)
... e to a surgeon who insisted on a CT scan cause the hidascan is considered "soft findings" for gall bladder problems, vs. gall stones being rather obvious. I had surgery 2 days ago. ... (15 replies)
... I had my gallbladder removed in january but i the only part of your symptoms i had was vomiting a lot and i had bad diaherea but besides that none. ... (4 replies)
... ng" was there under my right rib. It would get worse at times and feel like stabbing but not like some people describe as rolling on the floor in pain. Like you, after eating in the evenings I would feel tight pressure like a band around me under my bra line. ... (13 replies)
Apr 17, 2008
... After having my gallbladder out at the very end of January, I continued to experience nausea, vomiting, and stomach pains very frequently, diaherrea too. ... (7 replies)
TTC after surgery
Mar 24, 2008
... I was wondering if anybody could tell me how long after having keyhole gallbladder removal i can start trying to conceive number 2? ... (1 replies)
... Really the only thing I could not have after my gallbladder removal was orange juice. Still 16 years later the acid bothers me. I think it took a few months to try fried foods again. ... (1 replies)
... my GB taken on December 20, 2007. I had trouble eating until recently, but I still cant eat like I used to. I have a lot of gas and stomach cramping, especially after eating. I also have mild nausea after eating as well. ... (5 replies)
... Good luck with your HIDA on Monday, LAWoman75! I had mine yesterday. Sadly, I had to beg for it as my doctor doesn't think I have gb problems. I think he believes that because I haven't had stabbing pain (except for when this all started and I was still eating fatty food-- which I no longer do), it can't be my gallbladder. He said that even if the test comes out showing a... (14 replies)
Constant Nausea
Nov 25, 2007
... was my gallbladder. I went right on to the hospital to have an ultrasound done. They found one large and several small gallstones. I went the next day and had gallbladder surgery. After that I was never bothered with the constant nausea again. ... (39 replies)
... Hi. I had that "oil slick" BM the first couple of weeks after my gallbladder surgery last June. Doc said it was from a bile leak. Wish I could help you more. ... (3 replies)
... The cause of diarrhea after gallbladder removal isn't clear. ... (116 replies)
Day after surgery!
Aug 15, 2007
... I had my gallbladder out yesterday and I am feeling pretty good. I'm sore around all my incisions and I feel a little stiff. I haven't had any nausea. ... (3 replies)
... finally concentrate enough to move, I had to go to the bathrom, so I stood up to go. The next thing I remember is being on the floor with my dog licking my face. After that, I passed out a few more times. Well, after that I decided that the new medication was probably doing it, and so I called my doctors office. ... (25 replies)
Hida scan
Jul 7, 2007
... No stones, no replication of symptoms during the CCK, I would talk to a couple different doctors about removing your gallbladder and the odds of helping you. I know you had a low function but I would really think it over. I guess it depends on how bad you really feel. ... (13 replies)
Hida scan
Jul 7, 2007
... I am praying that IF they do remove it, all the madness will come to a halt! I have been going through this pain far too long. Anyone know how it will feel after a gallbladder surgery? ... (13 replies)

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