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Aug 17, 2018
... i had a gastric emptying test last week - showed slow emptying - i have had nausea for months - and also hurting in right side - have had a lot of tests for gallbladder, blood tests, etc - everything has come back normal except for this test - the GI doctor today wanted me to take Reglan for 5 days to see how that works - 5 mgs 3 times a day - well I have seen all the side... (0 replies)
... I'm a 21 year old female, and I have had chronic every day nausea for the past year and a half or so, and have yet to be diagnosed with anything! ... (2 replies)
... he put me on "Domperidone" Touch wood, I have been on them now for the last 10 days, and for the last four days the nausea is a lot less. ... (31 replies)

... Acute nausea without vomiting every day, sometimes most of the day and especially on first waking. ... (31 replies)
... his shocked me as I thought that only ever involved the bowels and nothing else! To be honest the pain like heartburn and tummy pain is minimal, it really is the nausea and this abrupt loss in weight that has resulted in severe fatigue, absolute exhaustion and I have absolutelt no will to eat. ... (31 replies)
... I have had severe nausea all day and need to vomit but have just had a few dry heaves.I know that I would feel better if I could vomit.I have tried all the over the counter meds for the nausea and had no relief.Any tips on a sure way to make myself vomit? ... (0 replies)
... Yes, the zoton is soluable tablets of lansoprazole. Thye make me feel worse!! Is the domperidone an anti nausea tablet and is it ok with valium? ... (31 replies)
... Me and you are a right pair lol the nausea has been a lot better on the med's my husband thinks all I do is moan at him and the kids, but when you feel ill how can you be the life and soul of the party!!! How old are you, I live in Essex not to far from you. ... (31 replies)
... Diff went into remission. But I still had all the symptoms. I went back to ER and had a upper and lower GI. ... (31 replies)
... mach and right ovary and pain under my right rib snice early january.I keep missing my peroid, like you I am so worried I have a scan tomorrow on the ovary Ihope all is ok!!!! I am also waiting to see someone at the hospital to get the go ahead for a endoscopy ,I think living in the good old U. ... (31 replies)
... Hi Bilbobeth the Domperidone is a anti nausea tablet it also work on making the food pass around the body easier, and I have been fine on them with the Valium. ... (31 replies)
... The nausea kept me awake for hours last night. I go to sleep with it and I wake up with it. Lost 2 more lbs in weight. It's just dropping off me daily! ... (31 replies)
... Its the nausea and weakness thats driving me mad. UK NHS.........need a kick up the backside but governement is to blame. Got a date for my endoscopy 12th May. ... (31 replies)
... as well. My nausea started since July 2004, it remains nausea and untreated yet. Let us know when you get your result. Take care. ... (31 replies)
... barium and it showed my reflux. Not sure how severe they would say it is but as I said on other post the nausea is something else. ... (31 replies)
... calories a day. With the nausea its all I can muster but still thre weight is dropping off me very quickly. I have no energy left. What do I do? ... (31 replies)
... t the weight loss.I am losing a 1lb every couple of days. Havent been this weight since I was a teenager and I am 46! Says I am allowed to take 3 ensure pluses a day now as food intake has become non existant, I really am that nauseus. Even the ensures are making me feel sick but at least I can sip them slowly. ... (31 replies)
... nt realy take in what she was saying, I wish I let my sister come in with me she did say that I may have had a cyst on the rightside. I am on Domperidone for the nausea have been on them just over a week and I am not sure if they are doing me any good ,Thats realy good that you have a date for your endoscopy already. ... (31 replies)
... e had them for awhile now, a little over a year to be exact. I had an endoscopy, and it showed an ulcer right at the opening of the esophageaus. My symptoms are, nausea sometimes, pain in the leftarea of my abdoman, either lower or upper, its more upper, and hurts worst at night, its right at my breastbone. ... (31 replies)
... and peptac liquid! I hope I can hold out until the 12th endoscopy day cos I really dont feel like eating anything and so weak. I have never felt so ill in all my life and I have had a few things in my time! ... (31 replies)

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