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... but there is no pain whatsoever. A bad reaction generally lasts 1 day. My acid reflux generally gets worse, too. I always struggle to find words to convey what it feels like, but my hope is that there is someone out there who has experienced the same thing and can understand. ... (3 replies)
... the ONLY symptoms I have are abdominal distension and that I'm always always full. ... (2 replies)
... the middle of the night to vomit or it happens right when I wake up. I have really bad abdominal pain in my upper right area and nausea and know it's coming. I always have to go to the bathroom right before and it's always diarrhea. ... (5 replies)

... I have not been diagnosed for gastric emptying and I will probably wait until I see the next GI for my second opinion. Even though I feel full most of the time, I do eat and I am able to eat a lot if I want. ... (13 replies)
... Surgery went well and only things I found my body can no longer handle is spicy food which is no big deal. For almost this past year when eating I can feel the food moving down and then it gets stuck to the point I can't take a breath, burp or even drink something trying to flush it down! ... (2 replies)
... pylori bacteria also took the antibiotics and stuff they told me to. Things got better but i have symptoms at least once or twice a week of bloating and feeling full also. Heartburn and a dull pain under my right rib. Sometimes its the otherside or even my lower abdomen. But mostly on my right side. ... (2 replies)
... Wow, reading your post made me feel like it was something I wrote. I started having problems in May 2003. ... (13 replies)
... and pelvic ct scan with contrast. Just try to take it one step at a time. I always feel full and bloated too. ... (13 replies)
... I mostly suffer from nausea but I know a LOT of people that have the bloating problem as well. A lot of times I eat, and eat very little, and feel like I just had a huge feast like on Thanksgiving. Then I feel horribly bloated. ... (76 replies)
... years. I have been to the doctor and no one can help me. Please someone please help. I cry all the time. I feel so bad, I am losing myself completely. My stomach always hurts especially after I eat. I am always bloated and I feel like throwing up. ... (5 replies)
... You can change this by changing your diet and drinking lots of water instead of soda and milk. Slowly increase your fiber intake over a two week period to 25-35 grams a day and drink at least 64 oz. of water every day. Have set time schedule every day for sitting on the toilet to move your bowels. Allow up to 30 minutes for this and read,listen to relaxing music, or do slow... (7 replies)
... I am so full and bloated for the past 14 months. It came on suddenly one day. ... (7 replies)
... hours after taking the Zelnorm I have an extremely sudden urge to use the bathroom and it is always diarrhea. He is not sure if I have IBS and has scheduled me for an endoscopy. Anyone have any clue what is going on? ... (5 replies)
... I am a 22 year old male and have had this constant sickness and nausea for over 4 years now. Ever since I have had a baby Ive always been a "sicky" but the last 4 years have been horrendous. Im constantly being sick or feeling sick. ... (10 replies)
Another question
Sep 5, 2004
... Ok I dont know if this is the Gastritis or not so I'm going to ask. If you have gastritis, are you always hungery? ... (2 replies)
... the nausea is usually, but not always accompanied by feelings of bloatiness and is most common after eating. ... (8 replies)
... m worried about the cost, but then I went home and read the description, and it did sound just like how I feel all the time, especially the part about feeling full after eating only a little food. ... (10 replies)
... great even. As one of the techs said, "Your heart won't always be this good. ... (20 replies)
... bloating after a bowel movement, bloating in the morning, bloating after eating. Bloating so bad that after about halfway through my meal I feel full enough and stop eating. I then don't want to move much or walk because I will instantly feel nauseated and too bloated. This lasts for an hour or two. ... (13 replies)
... tight feeling in my gut gas would easily come out and I would be able to burp or fart and let go of all the gas unlike before when it would get stuck and I will feel full and bloated the whole day. I continued juicing in the morning and tried combining different vegetables. ... (8 replies)

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