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... I noticed that they had found gastritis, or swelling of the stomach lining. I believe that may be the reason for the symptoms. So I'm exploring that now. ... (3 replies)
... Once I am able to burp, the food goes down itself as well. I believe it may be the gas, pushing the food up. ... (3 replies)
... Hi! I am nearing the end of my first week on a homeopathic medicine called "Gas" by Hyland's. ... (2 replies)

... whats bogus information out there. It seems logical that if you're experiencing certain digestion issues, a good cleaning couldnt hurt. It seems like I have gas all the time no matter what I eat. ... (1 replies)
... I am going to see my doctor next month and need a starting place on what I think might be wrong with me... ... (0 replies)
... Hello there everyone. First time for me posting on these forums and I'm hoping to get some advice on a problem I'm facing at the moment. ... (14 replies)
... Hi all I am new here have been reading the boards for awhile trying to find my symptoms. I wish we all did'nt have to be here, because I think dealing with stomach problems is the worst! ... (7 replies)
... From time to time, I also get these achy pains in the lower right quadrant, around where my appendix would be. ... (0 replies)
... T. From the posts on this thread I decided to buy Dr Schulze Intestinal Formula 1 Colon Cleanse detox, which does seem to help my bowel movements and I generally am not so bloated all the time, although I still have bad days and I still have all my symptoms, just to a slightly lesser extent. ... (40 replies)
... Hi! I posted a few days ago about the problems I have been having. Since posting, I have been to my doctor twice and my gyno once. Still, I find that I am miserable and no better than when I started. ... (15 replies)
... i am..... I've had gastritis on and off now for over 7 years now with really bad flare ups. My last one lasted over 2 months... had the blood work and upper gi's all in which came back normal except for the first on in 1999 which showed gastritis. ... (3 replies)
... i am right there with you, except when i eat, the painful swelling and bloating starts immediately during eating, and lasts for a few hours. ... (4 replies)
... I feel like I am going crazy. I have had this trouble going on now for 18 months. I have pain in my right side, just under my rib cage and also in my right shoulder. ... (11 replies)
Stomach Pains
May 25, 2010
... I would eliminate all fast food and eat bland food for awhile - I would also consider a probiotic. For the anxiety try walking - it is great for digestion and keeps your mind from wondering the "what if's" - keep a food diary. Anxiety can make your mind wonder and in some cases make your condition worse because you keep thinking about it 24/7 - if this continues I... (1 replies)
Stomach Pains
May 25, 2010
... Been reading the forums for a while now so finally deciding to post to see if anyone can shed some light on some things. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, sorry for your plight. I've been suffering from multiple stomach problems since I was 10. I am now 38. My whole life has revolved around my stomach and intestines. ... (3 replies)
... st like what happens to me. Though no one really believes me,when I tell them about the egg burps. But then I realized, that my sis has had them too, though, i am afraid I have caused her to have it. We have 9 people in our house, and when one person gets sick, it goes all the way around before stopping. ... (4 replies)
... hey, a ltitle embarressed to ask this, but i went searching thru the computer and all the info is just way to detailed i dunno what they are talking about, but lately i have been having extremely bad gas. ... (1 replies)
... everthing i eat causes gas- I have cut out so much variety in my life- and I am very very thin- I don't eat dairy, wheat, soy, sugar, garlic, onions- stay away from desserts( sugar- and fake sugar products give me lots of gas)- I only eat fruit 1 time a day( I love fruit- and it is a hardship believe me- my brother is a DR. and says what is the difference- even cutting all... (3 replies)
... or a stomach bug I had about two years ago. The doctor suggested some kind of bacteria, and then the next time she was no longer on that track. I have a very noisy stomach and bubbles bursting and it is much worse when I am sitting still. ... (12 replies)

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