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... I'm having stomach problems of late, pain and diarrhea. I've had several tests and am diagnosed with IBS. ... (1 replies)
... My mother's friend is 83 and has had problems with her stomach for ages now. She has to be careful what she eats and has diarreah every so often. ... (3 replies)
... times a day that I needed to vomit. This was accompanied by a need to gag and dry heave until the feeling would pass. ... (1 replies)

... I have had gas, acid, constipation for a few years but it wasnt anything too bad. Now It is getting really BAd!. My stomach hurts sometimes when i bend over, i have 24 hour heartburn all the time for weeks now. ... (9 replies)
... ustomer they did not say anything so a couple of days later went back and got the same person which I had many times before she said we have what we did not have the last time you were here said ok thanks she said you were not your normal selfmust have been stress out said you got it. ... (4 replies)
... Have been tested for gallbladder problems all test came ok. ... (5 replies)
... Hi Andy, I feel bad for what you are going through. I am 35 and have been dealing with anxiety and ibs for 10 years. I have had 3 colonoscopys! ... (1 replies)
... over the past few years, but usually OTC Zanatc helped!!! I went to see my doctor and explained my symptoms and initially she said it sounds like your pregnant!!! ... (9 replies)
... I have quite a story, so I do apologize in advance for this being a VERY long post, but please I would very much appreciate someone to read it all and to perhaps lend me some kind words of reassurance or offer some advice. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, I've been suffering extremely bad stomach pains back in late july. It began with acid reflux, then it moved to pain in my navel area then I began to get constipated. ... (10 replies)
... The last 2 years have been digestive "hell" for me. OK, I'm not in bad shape compared to some people, but in relative terms, I am NOT normal and am constantly having nagging problems, if not downright excruciating. ... (4 replies)
... Hope you're all well. I'm new to the board and would like to ask a question on behalf of my husband. He's had stomach problems for ages. Sometimes he stomach pain was so bad that all he could do was curl up and roll on the floor in total agony. Around 2 years ago, he was diagnosed with H. ... (1 replies)
... Thanks for the response, I totally feel for you. It's nice knowing you're not the only one out there with these problems, but it is sooo frustrating that none of us are getting the answers we need! ... (40 replies)
... Hello ok so im a girl, im 18 years old and for the past three years I've had stomach issues. The weird thing is, that it only happens during the fall and winter months.. I dont know why I eat the same things during fall and winter. ... (1 replies)
... Ever since I was a little girl, I would get these burps only if I was going to be sick, i.e. if i was coming down with a stomach virus. I would start getting my egg burps, even if my stomach wasn't upset, I would be throwing up by the end of the day. ... (6 replies)
... leg problem but i was stupid. I am making an appoiment for theraphy in the next few days. ... (9 replies)
... I had a HIDA scan done and then I was in cronic pain and felt sick to my stomach all the time. So I had my GB out and things where pretty good except for a here and there odd feeling of pressure in my sternum. ... (0 replies)
... When I was about 12 I was diagnosed with IBS, but there were no tests done, it was more or less me giving the DR my symptoms and him telling me its probably IBS. So, I've dealt with that over the years and the joys it brings to your life. ... (3 replies)
... like pain in my stomach which really messes up my appetite. ... (2 replies)
... The pain on your right side is very common with crohn's and can sometimes get mistaken for appendicitis due tot he location. The nausea is due to the crohn's and the weight loss is due to the crohn's as well. ... (14 replies)

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