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... Every PPI works a little different but all are stomach acid reducers. ... (5 replies)
... My doctor prescribed Prilosec OTC to heal my throat. It seems to be workign ok after two months.. Someone else told me nexium is best. Anyone else have an opinion? Kevin (5 replies)
... My experience with GERD has taught me that the choice of the best PPI is a completely personal one. ... (8 replies)

... I've read in postings on here that some people seem to have gone through every PPI on the store shelves before they found one that "worked." Prilosec may be working for me. I'm not sure. ... (2 replies)
... from what i've read, it's always best to take on an empty stomach, when acidity is high. ... (6 replies)
... I am wondering if there is anybody out there who has been on PPI's such as Prilosec or Nexium for a long time as I have. I started on Prilosec around 1997 and then Nexium for the last few years so that is about 6 years now with those potent meds. I feel it cannot be good for the system overall and wonder if that is the cause of my liver enzymes slightly elevated at 60 ast... (8 replies)
... Good warning Harry. That's one other side affect I had from Protonix. My joints started hurting more. And having Osteo, I'm doing my best to stay away from all PPI's except when absolutely necessary. That was after taking it for less than 2 months!! ... (9 replies)
... Chris, yes I'm pretty young...21. I often wonder if my use of ibuprofen contributed to these problems also, because I have taken it quite a lot since I started getting my period at about age 12. The only medication I'm taking at the moment is Protonix which is a PPI. I had never heard that PPI's could cause gastroparesis! My doctor didn't say anything about it and I actually... (17 replies)
... I hope you take this the right way, but you have it all wrong...PPIs is not a free ticket to bad eating habits...DIdn't your Dr. tell you that PPI use is to be in combination with lifestyle changes? ... (6 replies)
... I have tried absolutely all of the PPI drugs. ... (1 replies)
... Are you asking which is the best ppi to help an inflammed stomach by reducing the acid or are you asking which medicines are best for helping with inflammation? ... (8 replies)
Jun 14, 2012
... Hi, I was told by my Consultant to give them at least 4-8 wks, so one week is much too short time. I was prescribed Nexium 1 x 40 mg per day. Everyone reacts differently and improvement varies, I noticed a difference in 2-3 weeks. Keep taking them regularly and if no improvement in 4 weeks you may need a different brand or stronger prescription. All the best, Solofelix. (2 replies)
Jun 14, 2012
... I was on them for years for chronic reflux. With me it took a little while for the doc to find the best one. A week may seem like forever. But with ppis it's not that long. You should be starting to get some relief tho. ... (2 replies)
May 6, 2010
... It best anyway. ... (2 replies)
... Dave, can't give out other board info..........this board's rules. Can you tell me what blood work they do? What are they looking for? I'm due to go for some next week. curious if our Dr.'s are on the same page. Thanks...................carole (14 replies)
... Wow, Carole, that is interesting to say the least! I have an appt next week for the usual blood work and checkup and I will mention that and see what kind of response I get! Best of luck with yours, Dave PS: Do you remember which board you saw that post on? I will try to search for it!:eek: (14 replies)
... Hi Jenny, You must have a very bad esophagus, or reflux of the area between the esophagus and the stomach (?). Two Nexiums is a lot. But, in your case, I do not believe, it is too much. It is probably really helping you. Do you make sure do do not drink anything but water, 1 hr. before each Nexium? My gastro. Dr., said that I could take up to 4 Pepcid Complete,... (5 replies)
... I had a 2nd endoscopy done and he said he used a bigger instrument to stretch it but i cannot eat solid foods, my LPR is very severe, I mean 2 nexiums and i dont feel much better i thought i would be able to eat by now its been 2 months since i have eaten solid foods, I have been very upset (5 replies)
... Hi I take 2-nexiums a day one in the morning/night an i take pepcid and zantac too i had no idea i could take more than one acid pill or 2 nexiums how would i space them out? also is pepcid chewables supposed to be taken only 2x a day thats what it says on the box by the way soemoen sai i could take 4 nexiums, is that safe?? (5 replies)
... Hi Kevin, I agree with Harry to an extent. Most are equal. What happens with me is: I take one kind like Prilosec or Zantac or Prevacid. It works for a while, like 6 mo. or 1 year. Then it does not seem to work as well. So my gastro. dr. changes me to another kind or name. That in turn work well for a while - some longer than others. I am now on Nexium. It is... (5 replies)

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